Hurricane’s and Flooding: Stay or Go?

Evacuation’s are ordered for your area with a hurricane or flooding coming and you have so many issues and questions, what do you do? Download my book now for items to review on what to do right now prior to … Read More

Holiday Vacation A Fabulous Time Or A Nightmare From The Past, What Do You Do Now?

Holiday vacation: You open the door to stay at a family member’s home and it doesn’t feel right, now what? You talk with your family and just can’t wait to have the Norman Rockwell kind of holiday with your kids.  … Read More

Dr Jeanette’s Wellness Radio

Dr. Jeanette’s Wellness Radio hosted by Dr. Jeanette Gallagher, ND is a collection of casual conversations with inspiring and informative guests.  The shows are exciting and challenging with the questions that may be hard to ask and hard to hear … Read More