Hurricane’s and Flooding: Stay or Go?

Evacuation’s are ordered for your area with a hurricane or flooding coming and you have so many issues and questions, what do you do?

Download my book now for items to review on what to do right now prior to a storm, what you may experience during the storm and what aftermath can look like.  I write many items that even the seasoned storm person might need to review.  The situations in your home may have changed and each storm is a unique experience for everyone.

Hurricane Preparation Book

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It is a very difficult time to decide to leave your home if you have felt safe in the four walls you have created.  It is hard to go and many people do not have the means to get out of the way of danger.  What can you do?

Current life challenges that stop you from leaving:

  • No money
  • No car
  • No help to assist you
  • Elderly
  • Ill family members
  • Hospice
  • Addiction in your family
  • Mental health concerns
  • attachment to safety of home

These are a few of the top issues which are holding you back from leaving your home.  They are not a good reason to end your life or put yourself at risk for an emergency evacuation that may not come in time to save you.  It is time to make a call.  It is time to ask for help.  It is time to say your life depends on it.

My experience with staying for several very dangerous hurricanes in the past including Katrina, I share my experience many times on my radio show and writings.

The increase in elders living alone is a very big concern as many do not have cars, are medically impaired, limited income and not able to be mobile.

Increasing numbers of people who are addicted to drugs both legal and not and alcohol are challenges for a family to make a decision to be vulnerable and evacuate because what ever they were hiding at their home, now someone else will see what is going on and it may not be pretty or easy to contain.

People who depend on services and helpers from outside their homes to come in each day and support them may find these services are stopped and no back up plan is in place.

This book is not a scare tactic, it is a human discussion on what to do, what to look for and how to support everyone around you.

While you may not have an elder or troubled teen in your home, you may have a neighbor or relative that needs help.

Speak up and ask for help, offer your help loud and clear, and step up as the person next to you, their life may depend on it.

Share this book with others and see if you can start the discussions that will bring forth change in storms now and in the future.  Here are the challenges, can you find ways to comfort those who are most vulnerable, we can.

Your life is not saved by getting lifted from your roof, it will take you saving yourself and getting out.

Concerns with evacuation and no money:  If you live in a mandatory evacuation area and need to go to a hotel, just go there and ask for help.  Once the hotel takes you in, you will not be sent away while the storm is still going on.  You will not be put out on the street.  Be sure to identify the location you evacuated from and watch the news for the all clear to return.  Then and only then is it safe to return.

Concerns with health issues:  If you have people with medical concerns, ask the hotel for help and referrals.  Ask for the nearest hospital information.  Ask for the nearest pharmacy.  Ask for social services that may be available.

Concerns with fear:  Find a friend or neighbor and attach yourself to them.  Stay with them and be very frank with your issues.  They can understand and will not let you go if you are truthful and share all they need to know.  Do not hide your issues.

Concerns with separation from home or other support people:  Find a person who can take on the support you need, hospice, caregiver or other service people.  They will transfer your care.  If you are afraid to leave your home; you may not be safe in your home and your home is not where you wish to leave this world by trying to protect a material thing.  You will be safe if you go and ask for help.

In the case of a storm, many people in your path will help; just use the words ‘I had to evacuate and I need help with my special circumstances, can you help me’.  They will help or find you help.  Be safe.


Hurricane Preparation
What to do right now prior to a storm, what you may experience during the storm and what aftermath can look like. Be prepared.