Life is an abundance of possibilities
Let us spend time in this space to see what comes up
What heals us and what opens our heart is what is hidden
– Dr. Jeanette Gallagher, ND

Dr. Jeanette shares Moment to Moment Living tips so you can live fully each second of your life no matter what your challenges, experiences or beliefs.  Living in the human body with a spiritual sound track is a true challenge to many who have lived life with the same routine and habits over many decades.  If you are feeling hurt, alone, tired, sick, broken or challenged, you can still find life in the smallest of things as the light in the dark, the flower in the desert or the smile in a crowd.

Have you noticed how nothing seems to be the same yet everything still may look the same?  How do you keep things going when everything around you is changing, material things, relationships, life, work, your body and yes, your mind?  Just what is left?  Perhaps the spirit being you are is what is growing and the connection to those things around you that just don’t matter anymore can be let go.  But those are just words and hogwash when the kids are screaming and the car is out of gas and you just want to sleep till next month, right?  How do you do it?  What can you do?  What if you are getting sick and no one can seem to help you find out how to fix what is wrong?  Is there a quick fix and back to normal living?

Dr. Jeanette is inviting you into her daily life through writings and events.  Her lifetime experiences and extensive education has enabled her to be vulnerable and creative in her life choices.  She shares struggles and successes in casual conversation to allow others to see how you are not your experiences or history rather it is your inner spirit that guides you.

Much has been written about Dr. Gallagher over the last fifteen years as she has Out of the Box Healthcare website and My Personal Advocate2 website.  Her radio show is on iTunes, Blog Talk Radio and Pyramid One Network.

Need someone to talk it through, private telephone consults are available.

When you ask for a consult time, you are saying ‘I have no clue what is up and I am asking for guidance’.  What Dr. Jeanette can offer is an abundance of potential possibilities which may be over looked to bring you happiness, health, wellness and support in a world that is moving so fast.

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