Kindness Compassion and Empathy How Will We Rise

What has changed in our lives? Are we going through the motions until the gate opens and we get back to whatever we were doing before the virus showed up?

Dr. Jeanette shared on a recent radio show about how will we rise up:

Peace, kindness, compassion and empathy; how do we define their existence and how do we engage in giving and receiving. It is a loop that is to be created with love and understanding. Are you giving and receiving unconditionally?

Doug Carnine and Dr. Jeanette recently discussed the aspects of these words and how we may look into our actions now in 2020 as so many needs are being shown to us on a daily basis.

How will we rise up? Will we engage in our every action and thought to help others and self? Will we feel and give from the heart?

Here is the complete radio show link to listen to: Kindness Compassion and Empathy How Will We Rise

Be the gift to each other and honor self in the process. We got this!