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I need to make changes but I don’t know where to start, help!

Time to put all the good books, messages and well put advice to work and take the Next Step:  Activation and Implementation.

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Dr Jeanette is helping others to learn how to implement the movements to bring about the change you wish to see in your life.  So many books, gurus, providers and peer groups are full of tips and plans to cheer you on to success, but why have you not gotten where you wish to be?  There is no fault in the process nor in you, however, can you ask your inner self what it needs assistance with, trust in the answers and know how to activate that change?

  • Has your Dr. told you to make healthy changes but you have no clue what that means?
  • Are all your friends moving past you in their life and you feel left behind not able to take great care of yourself?
  • Are the old ways of doing things just not working anymore and you long to shake up your life?
  • Do you read every book, take classes and do webinars from all the top people on the web but still do not feel up to par? 
  • Have you ‘tried everything’ and ‘nothing’ seems to work?
  • Perhaps you are just plain stuck in depression, ritual, loss and despair to ever make a change but can you?

There are times when you just have to stop, step back, learn to listen to yourself and ask for compassionate support to guide you. This is the time.

What is a ‘Healthcare Guide’?

A person who compassionately listens, is vested in offering you options that perhaps you may not have seen, asking the questions that may guide you to see your blocks and your successes while allowing you to choose the path you wish to be on.  A guide is there to be a help of hand and heart allowing you to see the light in the darkness.  You will be making all the decisions on your path and you will choose what you can do to improve your life at just the right time for your spirit.  No rushing, no requirements, no expectations with disappointments, no yahoo from the sidelines, and no templates that you have to fit into to be perfect.  Time to drop the labels.  Life is about experiences and the enjoyment of every moment.  Let Dr. J help you see what is in front of you.

Dr. Jeanette Gallagher, ND is a Naturopathic Doctor licensed in the State of Arizona.  She does not provide services of diagnosing or treating medical conditions.  Her focus is on guiding you to make choices that work for you by providing support services, personal, informational and educational.  Dr. Jeanette makes no claims to cure disease nor to treat disease in any way.