Guest Post from Dr. Joe Christiano on Stem Cells

Stem Cells; should I be saving my baby teeth? by Dr. Joe Christiano

Just what are stem cells and what do they do for you and me?

Stem cells are our body’s natural repair crew for our cells. When cells and or tissues in our body get damaged through injuries, sickness, diseases, environmental pollutants the stem cells jump into action and repair those damaged tissues and cells. This is basically how the body heals itself.

Over time stem cells begin losing their repairing ability. That’s when you and I experience nagging or chronic conditions. When this occurs, by simply taking adult stem cell activators daily, one can rejuvenate their own stem cells back to normal function.

Stem cells are our genetic material that come at birth and are found primarily in the bone marrow and adipose tissue or body fat, as well as other areas of the body. These adult stem cells can become or change into other cells i.e. bone, dental tissue, cartilage, muscle, neural and other cell types. This phenomenon is referred to as differentiation or they differentiate.

Stem cells are also found in the wisdom teeth and even baby’s teeth. These dental stem cells are adult stem cells and are known as “mesenchymal stem cells”.

The stem cells found in baby’s teeth can cure diseases and grow replacement tissue and bones in the body. A futuristic characteristic of baby teeth stem cells is they can be used in the future. They can treat diseases when your child gets older or for close family members with serious illness when the stem cells are stored.

When it comes to storing, scientists have reported that cryogenically preserved cells have no expiration date, and frozen cord blood possibly can be stored indefinitely.

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