Guest post from Sindy Warren on Yoga as touching your inner spirit

Yoga as a Guide Towards Expanding Your Inner Being

by Sindy Warren

The practice of yoga is so much more than physical movement and exercise. In fact, the physical part of yoga is merely one-eighth of this transformative practice. Yoga is an eight-limbed path aimed at helping us move closer to our true selves, our inner beings. One of the most significant, albeit least known parts of the practice is captured by the word ‘stillness’. The journey of yoga involves a slowing down’ a settling and stilling whereby we move from the distractions of the external world into our interior landscape.

We can tap into stillness in so many accessible ways throughout our days. For example, we can sit with our eyes closed and simply observe our breath for three rounds of inhales and exhales. Or we can slow down from the external world into our inner being by developing a mindfulness or meditation practice. These can all be considered aspects of the yoga practice. No sticky mat or downward facing dog required. Indeed, there is much wisdom to be gained from the old yogi adage ‘don’t just do something, sit there’!

Yoga provides us with a philosophical framework to cultivate a loving relationship with our innermost selves. As we move along this journey, we can start to feel into the expansiveness of our inner being. The practice of yoga can show us how to do so.

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