Healing Session Special

March 2020 Special on Healing Sessions

Dr. Jeanette Gallagher is offering a March Special on Healing Sessions:

  • $25./30 minutes
  • $50./50 minutes

She will work with you to help release stuck emotions and energy that may be causing pain and emotional concerns.

By combining Naturopathic for body, Healing Touch for mind and emotions, and Soul Guidance; your session is sure to be filled with insights and help.

Dr. Jeanette Gallagher NMD

Dr. Jeanette Gallagher NMD

Dr. Jeanette offers a unique opportunity to talk with her and learn more about how the body, mind and soul connections may be playing out for you. She draws information from the words you speak, the stories you tell and the energy your soul is sharing. What may seem as a simple question or trouble that is ailing you may reflect a soul path or pattern that is playing out in retrospect to be brought to light and explored.

As a Soul Whisperer, Dr. Jeanette can help at any phase of life and with any problems you may have. Topics may include: trauma, grief, loss, end of life, health concerns, alcohol issues, angels, paranormal, spirits, heaven spirits, souls, anger, alternative health, happiness, or anything that may be on your mind.

To schedule a session; fill out the form below to send a request for a session; be sure to state when you would like to start.

When you request a session, you will receive date/time options and be given the link to make your purchase.

“I have had pain and mobility issues with my left hip and both my knees for over eight years. I have had two sessions with Dr. Jeanette over the phone and have noticed a big improvement in my mobility and pain. She has been able to help me find answers to why I have hip and knee pain.

During my sessions I felt very comfortable with Dr. Jeanette and was lying on the sofa at home. Dr. Jeanette has a gentle, soothing voice and is caring and compassionate.

Before my sessions, I could not stand at the kitchen sink and wash a few dishes before my hip pain started and I had to sit down for 15-20 minutes until the pain subsided. Going to the grocery store for even just a few items was painful. Walking on an even surface was painful if I did it for 5 minutes and again I had to sit down for a while to recover.

After two sessions, I can stand at the sink and do the dishes, walk around the house doing normal day to day activities without the severe pain and my knees no longer hurt. I feel that with a few more sessions I can feel even better. Thank you Dr. Jeanette for your insights and healing energies.”

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