How did we get into this mess in healthcare and what exactly IS the mess we are in?

Is healthcare defined by your last experience to your Dr. or hospital? Is it what you read about on social media where those who are unhappy scream about their experience and you take up the charge to make the words be heard even more?

What exactly is healthcare? Is it a business? Is it a product? Or perhaps, we have all been wrong, it is the Dr. Welby scenario that goes round and round in our heads and every time we engage with a healthcare service; we will always be dissatisfied and no one can make it right.

I recently had a great discussion with Dave Chase, author of The Opioid Crisis Wake-Up Call, about all these topics.

Listen to the show here

Physicians are burnt out, prices are rising and patients are never heard; does that sound about right?

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“Nothing easier to scare people than healthcare” Dave Chase.