My walking stick to support me on my journey.

Dr. Jeanette's walking stick

My nature story about a Crape Myrtle tree outside my window:

I loved the flowers from this tree and would take tons of pictures to enjoy their beauty. One day, I was super irritated and just out of sorts. I was trying to get something done that was just not moving, it was resisting by all accounts. Then, I had a push, literally a shove, to get up from the couch and go outside. I was just in time! The grounds keepers were cutting down MY TREE! It had protected my by shading my bedroom window and I loved to see the sun rays through the flowers.  How dare they cut it down! I walked over and saw a great branch, the only one, that was strong and sturdy. Just a few days prior, I was reading about the powers of this tree ‘security and stability, a great walking stick’ they said.  Well, I had the guys cut the ends off even and there you have it.

I now have a great walking stick to join me on my journey in life. It is solid, no splinters, smooth and graceful and mine. It even has two legs, did you see that?

Can you find a hand, a stick, a person to join you on your journey? Reach out and look around in nature and heed the impressions or intuitions that come your way.

Ask for help, I am here my friend.