Dr. Jeanette is a soul doctor and supports you in healing

Dr. Jeanette is a soul doctor who shares her experiences from the highest of wings to the deepest of deaths.  Her physical, emotional and spiritual journey engaged eons of imprints to play them out again in this lifetime for full expression and to end in grand living form back to the soul as one source. Jeanette has dance with the darkness through the light to illuminate all the corners of her being. She dove into the feelings with all senses … Read More

What is Spiritual Hypnosis?

What is a spiritual hypnosis session? I asked myself the same thing, like, so who is in control? Am I unconscious and going to act weird, should I abolish my religion to do a session or I am afraid that something will come up I have been trying to hide like forever, right? Who knows what is in my mind and brain, did you think that too? Spiritual hypnosis is a relaxed conscious state of mind where the subconscious mind … Read More

What is Multidimensional Healing?

What is multidimensional healing and how can it help me? What is your concept of healing; a pill, a surgery, a path to take or a miracle? What does multidimensional mean? Perhaps it means that we are not just a body that we have to fix, a mind that drives us to the top and emotions that we have to keep in check. Multidimensional healing is about exploring all the pasts of our being from the soul and spirit to … Read More