How Long is a Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™ Session?

  1. Wellpoint Quantum Solfeggio Hypnosis™Session 4-5 hour session or 2-3 hour session with a Certified Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™Practitioner (in person only) with SOUNDSYNCTECH™
  2. Wellpoint Quantum Regression/Progression Session™(Past-Life Regression or Future Life Progression): 1-2 hour session with a Certified Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™Practitioner (in person or via skype, zoom, etc) with SOUNDSYNCTECH™
  3. Wellpoint Quantum Afterlife Session™ 1-2 hour session with a Certified Wellpoint Hypnosis Method ™Practitioner (in person or via skype, zoom, etc) with SOUNDSYNCTECH™In this session you travel the spirit realm, meet your soul family, meet your guardian angel or spirit guide, find out information about certain lifetimes, etc.
  4. Wellpoint Quantum Release Session ™ 1-2 hour session with a Certified Wellpoint Hypnosis Method ™Practitioner (in person or via skype, zoom, etc) In this session you are healing and working through contracts, agreements, thought forms, ancestral belief systems, epigenetics, entities, blocks, curses, attachments, vows, quantum entanglements, finding the source of a problem, etc. with SOUNDSYNCTECH™

What Is A Typical Session Like?

It varies according to the length of session you schedule. For the Wellpoint Quantum Solfeggio Hypnosis™ (4-5 hour session), you will be interviewed for approximately 1-2 hours, up to 2 hours of your hypnosis session with a 30-60 minute post hypnosis discussion.

How do I prepare for a session?

Prepare a list of 15-20 questions ahead of time for your session. Due to time contstraints, there might be some questions that are not able to be addressed during your session so list your questions according to priority. Also, try to get a good nights sleep, eat a good meal and keep your day of your session open for you to take your time. We gift everyone who is going to receive a Wellpoint Hypnosis Session either in person or online a free sample mp3 of Love & Gratitude Frequencies by Ted Winslow (mp3) with Alpha & Theta brainwave technologies. Some clients have found that listen to this music repeatedly prior to a session helps them to relax easier during the hypnosis session.

To download your free copy, please visit the store. Listening frequently to SOUNDSYNCTECH™ by Ted Winslow prior to their session. For example, every night for 30 days prior to their appointment time. Or even 4-5 times in meditation prior to their appointment can assist them into teaching their mind to recognize and entrain to the relaxing alpha/theta/delta state.

Technical Requirements for your Session:
Via Zoom Meeting.  You must have a pair of earbuds with microphone or other suitable headset and a computer with an internet connection and  a video camera that is able to be positioned so I can see you as you recline.

I have no idea what questions to prepare for my session, do you have any examples?

There are no right or wrong questions because this session is only for you and you never have to share with your friends or family the information you receive in your hypnosis session. Think about if there are recurring issues in your life.

For example, love, money, purpose, health, sadness, anxiety, commitment issues, scarcity programming, fears, phobias, abandonment issues, worrying the other shoe will always drop, problems with a certain person in your life that is unexplainable, knowing things that you aren’t sure how you would know it, etc.

You are asking your Higher Self during the session while accessing information from your subconscious mind, superconscious/unconscious mind and unified field (also known as Cosmic Consciousness, God Consciousness, Divine Intelligence, etc.) and all healing that may or may not take place, is only self-healing.

Here is a list of some of the questions past Wellpoint Hypnosis Clients have asked:
Why do I keep having the dream about __________?
What is my life purpose?
Why do I have a fear of drowning?
Why can’t I ever get ahead financially?
Is my dad who passed away twenty years ago with me? I feel his loving energy
Why does my sister hate me so much?
Please give me more insight & information so I can win this court case Is there a Karmic reason for the problems with my boss?
Can I clear my allergies?
I suddenly have a fear of heights at 32 years old, why?
I always date cheating women, why?
How can I improve my book?
Do I have any spirits that are interfering with my health?
Is Archangel Michael around?
I just retired at 56 and want to know what I should do now Why do I keep leaving my jobs before I am promoted?
I feel like I had a past life in Ireland, can we explore that?
What can I do to grow my healing business?
Who are my guardian angels?
Where should I move to?
Should I take the promotion to Vice President?
Am I on the right spiritual path?
Why can’t I quit smoking?
Did I have a past life with my neighbor?
How can I clear any contracts with my abusive father so I don’t have another life with him?
What can I do differently to improve my health?
Am I fulfilling my purpose in life?
How can I improve my intuition and receive clearer guidance?
I want to go back in history to research my book
I would like to know if I have a curse
I feel blocked and would like a healing for new inspirations for my artwork
Should I go to University near my house or in California?
I would like to explore Atlantis and find out if I was there
What can I do to stop my fear of failure?

What do I do after my session?

Allow yourself time for self-care to integrate the session. You might want to journal, sleep, meditate, or eat a nice meal. Sometimes you might notice some information that comes up from your subconscious mind that is being released. You can facilitate the process by not only taking good care of yourself with rest, healthy food, water, time in nature or listening to the free sample of Love & Gratitude Frequencies by Ted Winslow (mp3) with Alpha & Theta brainwave technologies. Some clients have found that listen to this music repeatedly after a session during their prayer/meditation time, therapeutic bath, or while they sleep helps them to relax and integrate easier after the hypnosis session. To download your free copy, please visit the store.

Can my spouse or friend come and observe my session?

No, this is a private session and the “observer” can interfere with the effectiveness even if they don’t mean to. You can share your experience with your friends and family when you receive a copy of your session recording!

Will my session be recorded?

Yes, your main session will be recorded by either audio or video. The interview & induction are never recorded; however the hypnosis session can be recorded by audio or video for you to enjoy later for personal use only. Please know that recording cannot be guaranteed as the electronics are very sensitive to energy and can malfunction during a session.This recording cannot be published, shared, or sold without both of the written consent of the Client and the Practitioner, only if there is exclusion or removal of all Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™ copyrighted material & methods. The recording of your session contains copyrighted material from Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™ and is provided for your personal use only.

Will I receive a healing in my session?

There are no guarantees made of any kind with a Wellpoint Hypnosis Method ™Session. Individual results may vary and know that all healing is self-healing. The Wellpoint Hypnosis Practitioners are a guide and facilitator to assist you in receiving what is best for you in your session. Wellpoint Hypnosis Method ™Sessions are based on free will, and the client is responsible for their own “self-healing”. This is a gentle process which does not interfere with the Clients free will. You decide what you would like to know or what you would like to be healed, your higher self, or oversoul is in charge, which means you are in charge of the entire session even though your practitioner is your guide through the process while you are in a deep relaxed state.

I would like one session a month for 6 months to write my book, is that okay?

Absolutely! Many writers, musicians, inventors and artists will explore the realm of possibilities and unlimited creative potential that they can access during their Wellpoint Hypnosis Sessions. Many of our Certified Wellpoint Hypnosis Practitioners offer packages for frequent sessions, since all sessions are recorded this is a highly sought after tool.

I am not sure if I believe in past lives, can I still receive a session?

Absolutely! Wellpoint Spiritual Hypnosis sessions and practitioners respect all belief systems. You do not have to believe in past lives to receive a wonderful hypnosis session. Every journey is meaningful for you and if you feel this would be a fun adventure, you should give it a try. There are actually scientific studies which show that people who do not believe in hypnosis and past lives received just as many benefits from their sessions as those who believed in it.

I have never done this before, what if I am not good at it?

Anyone can have a wonderful session even if it is their first time. If you have ever caught yourself daydreaming, or zoned out during watching television or listening to music you have experienced a hypnotic relaxed brainwave state. It feels like you are explaining a dream to someone, you are merely describing what you might see, feel or know during your session. The best sessions are when the client doesn’t analyze or think about what they are describing. When the client just keep talking about their journey (like explaining a dream) and then more information comes in which makes it easier to receive more details.

Will a Wellpoint Hypnosis Session interfere with my religion?

No, we do not follow a certain religious belief system at Wellpoint Hypnosis and our sessions, classes & workshops do not follow any religious dogma. We honor all religions and belief systems and all are welcome.

Some hypnosis & regression sessions use new age spirits & ET’s, do Wellpoint Hypnosis Practitioners do this during a session?

No, in a Wellpoint Hypnosis Session you connect on a subconscious & superconscious level with your true soul self or as some say “higher self” or “oversoul”. You have all the knowledge within ! You do not need any of these “spirit helpers” as other new age modalities use. Although Wellpoint Hypnosis blends science and spirituality it is not considered new age. Through specialized brainwave frequencies and connecting within, you can receive everything you require without dealing with the new age spiritual agenda or any conflicting belief systems. This is one of the reasons why Wellpoint Hypnosis Sessions are so in demand. Please know that we respect people and their belief systems who are connected to their spiritual guides, angels, and helpers we just do not ask about them in our sessions unless the client specifically requests it.

Some hypnosis & past-life regression practitioners use crystals with healing powers in their sessions, do you?

No, it is not necessary to use crystals during your hypnosis session and Wellpoint Hypnosis Practitioners do not depend on crystals. You hold all of the knowledge and power within your subconscious & superconscious mind. Many of our practitioners appreciate and love working with crystals in their other work; however, they are not used during your Wellpoint Hypnosis Session.