What is a feisty elder?

Elders and seniors are not ready to be put out to pasture! There is some life left!

I am one and I refuse to dim the lights until the bulb burns out.

What does it mean to keep your heart and soul alive no matter what the condition of your physical body? I listen to all kinds of music and even when my knees are on fire and swollen, I can sit down and move about to music.

Today, there was a television show that had so many moments which touched my heart and all I could do was cry for an hour! Yahoo! My heart has so much love to release and send out to the ether with waves of kindness.

Over time, I was so worn out caring for someone and I just needed a break. I was driving in the ‘going out’ lane and forgot to keep myself in the picture also by driving in the ‘coming back in’ lane.

No matter our age, our mind is a gleeful spark that can take memories from the past and dance with them in the present. If we have memory issues, the memories we have of the past are still a story to create the moment of our days.

Nothing is insignificant in the dance of living our lives. Enjoy the dance, from strolling around your living room, to dancing in your mind with a memory if you are in bed.

We hear your song, sing out with beauty of life!

Dr. Jeanette shares with CJ Golden on being a feisty elder! Click here to listen to the radio show.