What is Multidimensional Healing?

Multidimensional Healing with Dr. Jeanette Gallagher

What is multidimensional healing and how can it help me? What is your concept of healing; a pill, a surgery, a path to take or a miracle? What does multidimensional mean? Perhaps it means that we are not just a body that we have to fix, a mind that drives us to the top and emotions that we have to keep in check.

Multidimensional healing is about exploring all the pasts of our being from the soul and spirit to the toes that hang from our feet. It is how to integrate all the parts of your being and see if they may be in or out of alignment, how on some level your body or thoughts may be screaming for you to pay attention or perhaps, you may need to sit down and just think about how you got to where you are today.

The way we explore this concept of our being is by being still and listening to what is showing up for us at this moment in time. We may have physical pain, struggling with work or relationships, feeling a sense that there is something else just beyond our reach that we do not know about, experiencing a tremendous amount of personal loss and grief, feeling like you are being hit from all sides or just have reached your end and you are so done, done!

In the past, we have run to professionals to spill our guts and in the context of one hour, we expect to have a solution and treatment that will take us out of the space we are in. How has that been working? Perhaps you are now frustrated with all the ways you have been doing things in the past and seeking a different path.

I have learned to explore what is causing the pain or suffering, challenges or strife, and developed a way to accept where I am at the present time to walk through the feelings and emotions that have tied up my heart and being. Then, I utilized tools to release and refine my being, each and every time it bounced into another energy block or challenge.

Over the years, I was trained to seek the root cause of the disease and the disease would be cured. As I explored this concept further, I allowed myself to take the symptoms and feelings I would discover to guide me on the path to morphing my being towards better health. As a tree has many roots, I honor the tree and look to the leaves for signs and directions to light the path towards healing.  There are signs and conversations with the nature world and the physical world, but we have been holding each part of our being in a silo and not communicating.  I communicate with all my being and that is a multidimensional being.

If you are now at the point of spiritual awakening, expanded consciousness and on your seeker path, and finding blocks without names or direction, this healing is meant to support you in finding your keys towards evolving even more. The physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and etheric bodies are sometimes in different planes and keeping your feet on the ground is a daily challenge.

Learning how to flow with the energy challenges of each day is the goal of this healing.  Enjoy the ride. Support is available, just ask for a session. Get Help Now.

Dr. Jeanette is very well versed in; homeopathic remedies, botanical medicine, Naturopathic medicine, religions, spiritual awakening, dentistry, traditional medicine, end of life, life limiting diseases, quality of life, shamanism, expanded consciousness, trauma, abuse, past lives, spiritual hypnosis, nutrition, acupuncture, body alignment, meditation and environmental support. Feel confident that Dr. Jeanette is open to hearing your deepest heart strings that perhaps have kept you from healing in the past. You will be comforted and supported in all levels of your being.