When Alzheimer’s eclipses the mind

When Alzheimer’s starts to eclipse the mind and cast a spell on the life of a loved one, it seems as if the lights are going out on a life full of zest and engagement.

Any diagnosis that affects the brain is a moment when time stops, your life is now changed forever.

Dr. Timothy Jennings speaks with Dr. Jeanette on how to do your best day to day and nourish the brain. Show link here.

T.M. Roe Patterson talks with Dr. Jeanette about his book that relives his father’s life through memories and imprints left after Alzheimer’s took its toll. Roe’s father, Glenn Patterson, was an Oil industry legend and a very honorable respected man in his time. Show link here.

Do we wait until the diagnosis hits us? Do we run until the forgetfulness just cannot be hidden anymore? How do you nourish your brain?

Do we just keep on going in our lives and never even give our brain the time of day?

How far and how fast can you run?  May the diagnosis of a brain disorder never grace your door.

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