About Dr. Jeanette

Dr. Jeanette shares her mission of service:

Dr. Jeanette Gallagher NMD

Dr. Jeanette Gallagher NMD

When you follow my work or engage in my services, you will hear emotions, feelings, challenges, and prompts of navigating the human/spiritual experience. Nothing held back, and nothing is filtered or enhanced this time around. It is a raw life I lead as I share my life story.

All of my sharing is a reporting of the input, output, and reading of the energies around me. Many timelines and dimensions are speaking to me at once sometimes, and the story can feel disjointed or confusing, but that is how it is flowing through.

To reason with what we feel and find the right words that show us in a good light, is creating an illusion that is not real to the soul that we are navigating with this lifetime. I do not do this at all and have experienced so many negative and conflicting engagements with others who tend to judge, confine, or try to regulate my life, their interactions with me, or their perception of me.

As I share and report what I sense, dance with, and feel emotions to the core, and navigate my way through my days and nights, my words barely touch the intensity of the energy I feel. At times, it rips my heart to pieces, takes my body to foreign places, and winds my mind through the etches of time.

If you are willing, you can hear my words, feel my story, stir your heart strings, wake up your soul, and break open to never be put back together again the same way; this is the awakening of the Soul Journey in this century we are engaged with.

My expressions are shared in words and energy frequency on my radio show over the last decade Wellness Radio with Dr. J. No matter the topic or discussion, you are sure to be stirred from within as I share in deep conversation with my guests. Every word is divinely guided and expressed with unconditional love and acceptance of our human experience.

My private sessions are once in a lifetime experience of sharing, exploring, and releasing all the senses and emotions that you have stored deep inside. You are engaging with me, a higher multidimensional healing source, to reflect back to you, the comfort, peace, grace, and hope that your soul needs to hear. Make no mistake, the human is a challenging nut to crack, and it will put up all kinds of barriers and walls to ward off anything that seems odd, foreign, or gut wrenching. We go to these depths in conversation and open up your sense of awareness. It is a whirlwind of time that we talk together, if for 15 minutes or over an hour. Where shall your heart and soul take you, it is up to you and how open you are to being present in the moment for one time of the greatest multidimensional walk you may find.

When you are ready to open your heart and take a leap, be it off the edge or just outside your window, my heart and soul are here to guide you. Let me know how I can help you and we shall take the next step.

With deepest love and kindness, Dr. Jeanette Gallagher