Personal Healthcare Advocate

Compassionate and Comprehensive Side by Side Advocate Support for Health Challenges

Caregiving, Transitioning, and End of Life Support ServicesThere are many times in life when we are faced with unexpected circumstances and one of the most difficult situations is when you or a loved one is face with a sudden onset of illness that requires immediate attention because it could be life threatening or life altering.



  • Are you hopelessly lost when faced with medical challenges?
  • Who do you turn to and how do you know what is best?
  • Do you know what questions to ask and how to get help?
  • Are you longing to just talk things out with someone and see if you are missing anything?

Dr. Jeanette Gallagher, ND is a health advocate and has navigated patient care and corporate systems for over five decades.  She brings her expansive education, experiences and knowing, to help guide you to find your unique healing plan.

‘I ride along and catch gaps in the process, teaching you how to be an informed patient while seeking healthcare services that support your body and nurture wellness and peace in your life’

There are no books to read, forms to fill out or templates to follow. Be it End of Life, or developing a plan to increase quality of life, a personal advocate can help you connect the dots and see how to improve your health.

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I spent 20 minutes on the phone with Dr. Jeanette and was absolutely amazed! She was able to give me a clear path as to what was going on within me, causing my physical pain and ailments. She gave me proper direction on how to help myself with these health concerns as well as guidance on some amazing natural remedies that should help the process. Her knowledge and guidance given in this small time frame was astounding! I learned more from those 20 minutes with her, then I have during a multitude of appointments with others. Your typical physicians don’t even touch upon the connections of the mind/body and how to help heal ourselves like Dr. J does and I so appreciate that. I will be setting more appointments with Dr J in the very near future! I am forever grateful! In gratitude.
Dr. Jeanette Gallagher was extremely insightful. She helped me understand the underlying causes of my personal health concerns and gave me concrete advice for how I might go about ameliorating my symptoms. She also helped me to see my daughter’s learning and emotional challenges from a whole new perspective. I feel like I can relate to my daughter on a different level now. Dr. Gallagher’s insight was invaluable. She was also fabulous about providing concrete resources and ideas instead of just speaking of things in the abstract. I am so grateful for her help.