Connect with Seniors in Nursing Homes during the Holiday Seasons

Giving back to elders

Dr. Jeanette creates inspirational cards from scenes in nature that she has taken over the last twenty years. Her collection consists of flowers, animals, waterway, sunlight, and trees in all their glory.  The cards have short words of inspiration to touch hearts and souls.

The cards are created with high quality printed photos and posted to card stock.  They are delivered to nursing homes in the Greater New Orleans Region based on supply, they will be distributed by the nurses at each location.

When you are ill, confined to bed or a space, the option to get outside and see nature is not a possibility.  The television does not bring you intimately closer to getting outside nor does it provide a word of hope or grace.

Giving back to elders

The Inspiration Cards by Dr. Jeanette will provide this intimate touch to the heart. So many are feeling alone and forgotten.  Didn’t we all run to the mailbox each day to see ‘what we got’ always looking for a card or something special?  We will remember each person that we can possibly reach out to. Can you join us in reaching as many souls as possible?

If you would like to donate to support  this program, click here and add a note with your donation ‘for Inspiration Cards for Seniors’.

Thank you for your support!

All proceeds are used to purchase the cards and print the photos.

Dear Friends:

Thank you so very much for helping me reach out and touch others in their time of loneliness, sadness, or infirmity.  The cards will be given out at as many holidays as possible.  Your donation supports providing a stock of cards to cover the whole year.

All it takes is a card, a thought, and a smile to bring love and connection to someone’s heart. We forget about our loved ones as we are so busy these days, but they are not forgetting about us.  Might we spread the connections we once had as we gathered at the kitchen table each week to chat about our lives?

This program will be in place until the end of this website as I have over 60k photos to share with others and there are so many hands to touch!

Be well and a loving thank you.

Dr. Jeanette Gallagher, NMD

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