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Seeking Soul Gems in Your Everyday Life
Are you feeling broken in heart, body or spirit? Dr. Jeanette has created a downloadable, free book, intended to help you feel real again. To help you see the simple life steps that you may have forgotten about, steps which are part of your life. Start to take a few quiet steps shown in her book to feel real again. One step at a time, one day at a time and one dream at a time. Read More
Trust: Photo Meditation Book
This book is to help you center your thoughts each day if you have anxiety, grief, experiencing life challenges and just seem to have lost the path to living a great life. Dr. Jeanette shares how to let go of things that are truly not important and create a new… Read More
Hurricane Preparation and Aftermath Book
Download Dr. Jeanette Gallagher’s free book: Hurricane Preparation and Aftermath Book. Read More


what is a personal care advocate

What is a Personal Care Advocate?

A time of illness is a stressful time for patients as well as for their families.  The best-laid plans can go awry, judgement is impaired, and, put simply; you are not at your best when you are sick.  Patients need someone who can look out for their best interests and help navigate the confusing healthcare system – in other words, an advocate. – National Patient Safety Foundation Dr. Jeanette Gallagher NMD Dr. Jeanette Gallagher is an expert advocate for supporting you and your loved ones in health and wellness through to End of Life. Her education, skills, and beliefs can…

support for a health crisis

I need help with understanding this whole health thing

Yes,  if you are facing a health crisis, or if you just have so many questions and ‘Dr Google’ is just too much information for you to understand for your particular case. Read more

Cardiovascular Testing

As the No. 1 killer of men and women, cardiovascular disease takes a life nearly every minute of every day, according to the American Heart Association. And, in any given year, approximately 20 million people suffered from some form of heart disease according to the group. But how can one know they are in the midst of a serious heart-related medical problem? Varied types of heart tests now proliferate, but do they all bring the same result? Click below to read the entire article: Cardio vascular Testing pdf

How to Get the Healthcare You Deserve

How to Get the Healthcare You Deserve: 10 Things your doctor may not have told you

Dr. Jeanette answers several questions that will have you shaking your head.  Questions you have never thought of and answers that may truly head off an issue with your health.  Take the time to ask yourself if you have these steps in place in caring for your family and loved ones. How to Get the Healthcare You Deserve: 10 Things your doctor may not have told you is a gift, download here.  

The Benefit of Naturopathic and Complementary Medicine

Ever wonder why some people encounter multiple diseases in a lifetime, why someone actually gets a disease, and, particularly, how you can improve your odds of staying healthy?  You may learn the answers to some of these questions if you work with a naturopathic doctor. Click to read the full article below: The Benefit of Naturopathic and Complementary Medicine pdf

Multidimensional Healing with Dr. Jeanette Gallagher

Dr. J’s short story and how she can help you

If you are searching for a person to hash out what is in your thoughts about your health or your life and really just need to purge all the information and then come up with a plan:  hooray, you are in the right place. I am THRILLED you made it here and would love to speak with you.  I offer a telephone conversation to see if I am the person for you. Please submit a request here and I am glad you came to this page.  To great days.. Here is a snippet of me, enjoy: Hit the wall and in…

medicaid & dentists

Dental: Response to ‘Rolling with the Punches’

Services are available for dental providers:  Help you find issues you may be having in your office and make your practice YOUR vision. Services are available for dental consumers:  Helping you figure out how to get dental care, what are your options and answer the question ‘what do I do now?’ Free complimentary telephone consultation to see what you need help with and share how I can help you.  Submit request here:  contact us. Below is an article I wrote many years ago which describes how I feel about the dental hygiene profession.  It is my opinion and the original…


Pediatrics: Croup

Dr. Gallagher has extensive personal experience with childhood health and Naturopathic services to help you with questions about your child’s health.  Family wellness plans.  A complimentary telephone conversation with Dr. Gallagher is available for the asking, submit the request here.  If you ever say the words ‘I wonder about….’, then ask Dr. J., you just never know what she may share with you. Here is just one example of her experience with looking at healthcare situations with a different eye.  Thank you for reading here. My Experience with Croup The Dark Knight who takes your breath away Croup has not…

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