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“Wellness Radio with Dr. Jeanette is designed to create a community of people who are sharing their thoughts, work, life and experiences to change the world around them. We are changing generations by acknowledging issues in the past that no longer are healthy, kind or loving. It is time to change the ‘way things are always done’ and create a world that honors each and every person in all aspects of their life.

No one is perfect, no one has the one solution for a cotton candy life, but we can all do our best each day and share our life story with those who would listen and connect with us. The human connection is the name of the game, the process is listening and being present and the result is honor and love for each other as well as self.”

About Wellness Radio with Dr. J

Wellness Radio with Dr. J is a philosophical and esoteric journey on how to recognize the Body, Mind and Spirit oneness through awakening and expanded consciousness while being in this human moment in time.

No longer can we farm out the aspects of self and ask another guru to fix us and put us right on ‘the’ path. For every stone that is turned, harsh word that is spoken, or pain in our physical body, we are engaging in exploring something different to help us heal and open to a new awareness. Read More

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Wellness Radio with Dr. J is an online internet radio show that shares topics of wellness, spirituality, health, life challenges and inspirational stories, all from expert guests and Dr. Jeanette as the host.
Her show has a global reach through Spreaker, iHeartRadio, iTunes, TuneIn Radio, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Castbox, Podcast Addict, Podchaser, Deezer, PlayerFM, and Sound Cloud.  Listeners span all ages and surpass 5M.  Shows in the archives are approaching 1K in her 12th year of radio.

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Where to Listen to Wellness Radio with Dr. J

Wellness Radio with Dr. J is globally distributed and can be listened to on all forms of electronic devices. It is shared on home pages, apps, and hyperlinks through many different distributors. Check the list for your favorite podcast/music/information listening venue and search for Wellness Radio with Dr. J. Love to hear your thoughts on each venue, so feel free to post a comment, share the link or like your favorite show. If you do not find us on your favorite place, drop us a line and we will see how we can add another listing to our distribution venues.

Due to my physical location in New Orleans, and family members along the Eastern Coasts, if at anytime there is a threat of a hurricane, all shows will be canceled without notifying the guest. If you are in a hurricane risk area, do NOT concern yourself with the scheduled date/time and take care of self. Nothing is more important than self and family. Please also keep in mind, if I miss a scheduled date/time, there is either a family/patient/weather crisis and we must remain flexible and compassionate. Thank you for being my radio guest.