Giving Back Compassionate Care Services for Caregivers

Dr. Jeanette has been a caregiver her entire life and knows the challenges of balancing self-care, End of Life processes, family conflicts, and life seemingly on its own course, leaving you in the dust.

The process of walking with a loved one, family member, friend or touching spirit in human life form and then being present for the transition to soul is meant for the called angels.  This is a journey that creates support for the person who needs it but also it is a journey to the deepest wells of your own soul in all it entails for the human existence.  It is not for the faint of heart nor is it for those who disrespect human life. A true calling that is honored by the medical community and by the powers in heaven.

Dr. Jeanette offers compassionate caring services to all caregivers and their patients.

As part of her Giving Back Program, Dr. J offers Compassionate services (gifted to you):

  • If you are new to being a caregiver, contact Dr. J and she will be honored to speak to you for 30 minutes to answer your immediate concerns.
  • If you are in the throws of caring for a loved one and losing your sense of life or need someone to talk to, contact Dr. J and she will offer you time to connect, guide you to patient services in your area, and/or refer you to medical services to support your mental and physical health. In a crisis, please call your local mental health hotline or seek help at the nearest Emergency Room, they are well equipped to support you if things are rapidly breaking down for you.
  • If you are having concerns about the way your loved one is being cared for, Dr. J can speak with you and suggest services, support, legal, financial, healthcare options that you may not have known about in your area. Dr. J offers a short consult to discuss what you are seeking and see if she can help.

Extended services are available, and Dr. Jeanette can design a plan that works for all involved in the health and End of Life process. Her expertise is also to support the soul that transitions, and the loved ones left behind, ask for details. Click here for more information.

To ask for help as a Compassionate Gift, click here, and send a message to Dr. Jeanette.

Be well and may all be cared for by the caregivers of this world, one heart, one breath, and one soul at a time.

Dr. Jeanette Gallagher, NMD

This service is made possible by donations from radio guests on Wellness Radio with Dr. J and others who wish to support the work of Dr. Jeanette to make this world a loving caring place.

If you would like to donate to support these gifted services, click here.  Thank you for your support! Dr. Jeanette