Caregiving, Transitioning, & End of Life Support Services

To love and honor all as self is the soul speaking through our hands, hearts and voice; sending much love to you now – Dr. Jeanette Gallagher

Caregiving, Transitioning, and End of Life Support ServicesDr. Jeanette is a Soul, Human and Spirit support guide. Her work is to touch you where you are no longer able to hold a light and carry you when you are feeling broken. She can honor your heart, feel your pain, explore your loss, and help you heal your soul.

Services available:

Spiritual and Soul/Spirit Connections are available, click here for more details. If someone has already transitioned or there is a great fear of transitioning.

If you are facing End of Life and need someone to listen to your heart:

I will listen to your heart and soul in conversation via the telephone and bring healing light energy into the space we hold as sacred. No matter what you are holding on to from your life that you need to express, I can listen in a no judgement space. I can also provide encouragement, hope, faith, and guidance as you transition this lifetime.

If you have a loved one who is facing End of Life and you need someone to listen to your concerns and grief:

I will listen to your concerns and heart in a no judgement space that allows your deepest fears and pain to come to light. As we engage in conversation via the telephone, we are healing the past and living in the moment of pain and transition for our loved ones. While they may be leaving this earth, we took, feel like part of us is going away and dying also.

If you are a caregiver presently or in the past as your loved one has transitioned:

I honor your presence in this world and the path you are engaging on. While we come to serve and honor those who need our help and support, we are also part of the equation. If you are feeling you just need someone to talk to, to listen to your deep feelings, or to ask a question of the heart, we can do this.

If you are in need of a caregiver:

If you are in the New Orleans, Louisiana area, I may be able to offer a home visit to talk to you and ease your soul and heart.

If you are in the USA, I may be able to travel to offer a period of time to help you ease into the phase of life you are seeking help with. Travel costs and accommodations are separate from the service fee. This is a unique opportunity and is limited in availability.

If you are a family member or support person for a person at their End of Life and you need help in knowing what questions to ask of caregivers or how to facilitate the process of caring for a loved one:

I offer telephone sessions to ask questions about the process your loved one may be in, how you can navigate the process, how to handle the difficult questions that may be a significant issue if expressed or repressed, how to handle your thoughts on the process of health and death with the plan of a loved one that may be in contrast and anything else that comes across your thoughts on a daily basis.

There are several options here for shot/long telephone sessions, skype sessions, and/or email support.

To get started, click here, and state your request. Be sure to note if the time is imminent with your request.

Please note: do not let the cost of sessions deter you from getting help or asking for support. There are coupons for discounts, a sliding scale option, or a compassionate Giving Back Option available to you. Just request a session and state your needs.

Be well and take care of your loved ones.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Dr. Gallagher explained in detail the best way to speak to my sister as she lives her last days on this planet. She explained that death is a human experience as oppose to a soul experience. Her suggestion was in these last days to connect on a soul level. (soul to soul) This has been one of the most painful experiences of my life and has been going on for 2 1/2 years and it was wonderful to find some peace. Thank you Dr. Gallagher for your magical words!
Quality of Life Support – End of Life Care – What a caring and loving advocate Dr. Jeanette is! I cannot thank her enough for all of her thoughtfulness for both my uncle and myself when dealing with my uncle’s 3 major medical issues. She was so well informed about all of my uncle’s illnesses. She interpreted what the test results were in an easy to understand manner, made suggestions about what services were available to my uncle through medicare, and focused keeping his quality of life in the forefront. She was a great resource when one of his doctors suggested a lung test that would take about 4-6 hours. She gave me a few questions to ask the doctor in my uncle’s presence so that my uncle could make and informed decision about the test. As my uncle’s health declined and we had hospice in our home, Dr. Jeanette was making sure his quality of life as well as my health was addressed. I am keeping Dr. Jeanette in my corner and would recommend her services to anyone who needs a healthcare advocate for any reason.
PG, California
PG, California