Giving Back Library of Books and Radio Recordings Program

Dr. Jeanette's giving back programDr. Jeanette is creating a library of books that were donated to her by publishing companies and authors to be her guest on her radio show Wellness Radio with Dr. J for over a decade. She will also have available within the book cover, the hyperlink to the radio show with Dr. J and the author.

The collection of books and recordings will be made available to a local area of Dr. Jeanette’s choosing in 2022-23 and support anyone who comes through the door, a place to sit and read or listen to words of inspiration, hope, grace, healing, and kindness. Her mission is to share with others, a community of expanding our awareness of how we are all connected and integrate the Body, Mind, and Soul connection.

No books will be checked out, but rather ‘sit for a spell, open a book, read a phrase or listen to words, and then find a friend to your left or your right and have a conversation’. As we explore a new way to change our beliefs and habits, we can engage with others and see how to create going forward and hopefully change humanity one heart at a time.

If you are an author, publishing company, or marketing group, and would like to donate a book to this cause, please send a note on the contact us page here and submit the title of the book and the author website.

If you are an author that recorded with Dr. Jeanette and would like to donate an extra book to add to the library, please send a note on the contact us page here, reference your radio show, and submit your website link.

All books and author connections previously submitted were from:

Lavidge Publicity, PR by the Book, Smith Publicity, Simon and Schuster, Inner Traditions, Balboa Publishing, Hay House, Sentient Publications, Trans Media Group, Viva Editions, Booth Media, GK Communications, Steve Allen Media, Pitching Press, BH Marketing PR, Conscious Media Relations, RWW Books, Doppel House Press, CS Lewis Publicity, Cleis Press, Sterling Publishing, Best Seller Publishing, Green Leaf Book Group, Harper Collins, Zilker Media, Meryl Moss Media, Flynn Media, Jackie Lapin, Penguin Random House, The PR Group, Langevin-Axelsson Marketing, Wise Company US, Cypress Creek Marketing, Book Savvy PR, Power Publishing Corp, Media Muscle, Maxwell Media LLC, and many others.

The hope of starting this Giving Back Program in Dr. Jeanette’s name is that others will be encouraged to see how to start their own conversation hubs where they live.  A group of people coming together to share thoughts that are provoking and creative can change the world around us and build better communities for humanity going forward.

Be a part of the change.

Dr. Jeanette Gallagher, ND

Host of Wellness Radio with Dr. J

This service is made possible by donations from radio guests on Wellness Radio with Dr. J and others who wish to support the work of Dr. Jeanette to make this world a loving caring place.

If you would like to donate to support these gifted services, click here.  Thank you for your support! Dr. Jeanette