Dr. Jeanette’s Giving Back Programs

About Dr. Jeanette’s Giving Back Programs

“The mission is to touch hearts and souls through words, human touch, and engaging conversation to lighten the physical load, calm the challenging mind and awaken the soul” Dr. Jeanette.

Dr. Jeanette is a visionary, Radio Host and Naturopathic Physician.  All of her work has been giving back to those who seek to follow her words and work. She shares concepts that open the doors to seeing problems, challenges, and difficulties of this world in a whole new light. For over five decades, her life experiences and education brought her to the bottom of hardships and allowed her to see how to rebuild not only the body, but the mind and the soul.

As a Giving Back Program, she returns all proceeds from her work to continue to help others who reach out in times of need or to advance their own soul growth in times of crisis. No questions asked, just a compassionate service.

Each program below supports sharing our words on radio and in print, in support sessions with clients who need help and creating our web of awakened engagement.  All programs are donation based, and will remain in place until this website disappears.

This service is made possible by donations from radio guests on Wellness Radio with Dr. J and others who wish to support the work of Dr. Jeanette to make this world a loving caring place.

If you would like to donate to support these gifted services, click here.  Thank you for your support! Dr. Jeanette

Giving Back Dr. Jeanette’s Inspirational Cards for Seniors Program

Dr. Jeanette creates inspirational cards from scenes in nature that she has taken over the last twenty years. Her collection consists of flowers, animals, waterway, sunlight, and trees in all their glory.  The cards have short words of inspiration to touch hearts and souls. Read More

Giving Back Library of Books and Radio Recordings Program

Dr. Jeanette is creating a library of books that were donated to her by publishing companies and authors to be her guest on her radio show Wellness Radio with Dr. J for over a decade. She will also have available within the book cover, the hyperlink to the radio show with Dr. J and the author. Read More

Giving Back Compassionate Care Services for Caregivers

Dr. Jeanette has been a caregiver her entire life and knows the challenges of balancing self-care, End of Life processes, family conflicts, and life seemingly on its own course, leaving you in the dust. Read More

Giving Back Spiritual Healing Connection Moment in Times of Crisis

Dr. Jeanette is a guide for the body and soul.  Her ability is of tuning into the higher dimensional realities, seeing beyond space and time, to understand the deeper spiritual reasons for what we experience. Through the decades of her life, she has connected to the mystical world around her to access all parts of self in all dimensions and dance within the cosmic energies.   We are pushing ourselves to understand and create another language to navigate the world we see ourselves in today, but the new language is nonverbal; heart felt, and soul defined. Read More