Giving Back Spiritual Healing Connection Moment in Times of Crisis

Dr. Jeanette is a guide for the body and soul.  Her ability is of tuning into the higher dimensional realities, seeing beyond space and time, to understand the deeper spiritual reasons for what we experience. Through the decades of her life, she has connected to the mystical world around her to access all parts of self in all dimensions and dance within the cosmic energies.   We are pushing ourselves to understand and create another language to navigate the world we see ourselves in today, but the new language is nonverbal; heart felt, and soul defined.

Giving Back Spiritual Connection (gifted to you):

If you are having a crisis of soul, lost a loved one, having a sense there is something more than what is showing up, need to connect with something deep inside yourself or just feeling off the track, Dr. Jeanette offers a compassionate time to talk on the phone and ease your heart.

When you are holding on for dear life, there is no way to see the next moment in time or way out.  Dr. Jeanette is an expert in guiding you to that spot as she can ‘see’ it from another vantage point.

To ask for help as a compassionate moment phone call, click here to request.

Extended Soul Support Services are available, click here for more information.

This service is made possible by donations from radio guests on Wellness Radio with Dr. J and others who wish to support the work of Dr. Jeanette to make this world a loving caring place.

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Thank you for your support! Dr. Jeanette