Healing through Storytelling & Sharing Sessions

Listening to your story in all dimensions of time and helping you navigate the space in time you are in.

Story telling sessions with Dr. Jeanette GallagherDr. Jeanette provides a safe and judgement free zone to share all your deep hurts and pains, along with all the secrets that have been holding you back this lifetime. We have heard the words ‘get to the root cause’ and we seem to think it is just one thing that will set us free, so we set out seeking and go to the ends of the world to obtain it.

What if the source of what is a challenge for you today is merely a life story that perhaps you haven’t noticed or been able to work well with on your own? What if there is no magic herb or pill and perhaps you just need to take a step back, is your first realization? What if you just need to talk to someone who cares about what you have to say and can hear your pain?

Schedule a one-hour Session today with Dr. Jeanette and you will be blown away at the perspectives available to you to navigate your life journey. Your Session includes Body, Health, Mind, Spirit, Past Lives, Ancestral Lineage, Spiritual Connections and much more.

  • Let’s talk about finding the source of the concern you have today.
  • What is the story that is defining your experience and how does it make you feel?
  • Where is the thread of the pain, challenge, question, or heartache taking you?
  • How can you ‘see’ more from the moment in time as a story unfolds?

As our time with practitioners and friends seems to be shorter every day, we may be left spinning our thoughts or feeling worse than we started our day. Dr. Jeanette listens to your concern and shares her guidance like a light bulb blinking along your path. When it is time to draw your life story together and feel in your body, heart, and soul that you are doing the very best in your life, that is healing.

What you will find:

  • Your heart will be calmer
  • Your spirit will settle down
  • Your body starts to move easier
  • Your thoughts seem to make sense
  • Your dreams become adventures
  • Your experiences take on a whole new meaning
  • And you will have a whole new awareness of your being in this world at this time

Isn’t it time to hear a different version of life, healing, and health?

Are you willing to step out of the old story of what you were handed when you grew up?

How freeing can it be to just let all the old go in your life? What if nature can really help you heal?

Be well and reach out to talk and dance in the ethers! What a glorious time you will have!

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