Body Mind & Souls Sessions

Your soul is speaking, can you hear the voice, engage in the dance and honor the process of exploring the body, mind, spirit and soul connections.   ~ Dr. Jeanette Gallagher

Dr. Jeanette offers a unique opportunity to talk with her and learn more about how the body, mind and soul connections may be playing out for you. She draws information from the words you speak, the stories you tell and the energy your soul is sharing. What may seem as a simple question or trouble that is ailing you may reflect a soul path or pattern that is playing out in retrospect to be brought to light and explored.

As a Soul Whisperer, Dr. Jeanette can help at any phase of life and with any problems you may have. Topics may include: trauma, grief, loss, end of life, health concerns, alcohol issues, angels, paranormal, spirits, heaven spirits, souls, anger, alternative health, happiness, or anything that may be on your mind.

Here are the types of sessions available:

  • The first session is 20 minutes, via telephone, donation based only and limited to one per person. While the minutes are short, you will receive a wealth of information to start on what may be troubling you.
  • The second session is a follow up time to share what may have come up for you since the first meeting as once you open the box and see what options are available to you; it is a bit daunting to put them into action. This session is 30 minutes, via telephone, donation based only and can be repeated as many times as necessary to guide you along your path of progress.
  • The third session option offers a series of sessions in a package; three/30 minutes sessions/$75, six/30 minute sessions/$150, 12/30 minute sessions/$300.
  • The fourth session option is a more in depth offering; 45-60 minutes, via telephone, $125.00, and will offer a problem with several ways to engage and shift the current issue. It also includes two email follow up question and answer to assist in implementation of the steps shared with you.

To schedule a session; click here and send a request for a session; be sure to state where you would like to start.

When you request a session via the contact us page, you will receive date/time options and be given the link to make your purchase. Recording of the session may be available, ask at the time of the call.

End of Life/Death/Recent Passing of Loved One: If you are helping support a loved one in the time of passing or just after a loved one has passed and you need to talk and share what is in your heart; I offer a complimentary session and there is no limit on the time frame of the call.  Please click the testimonials button below for an insight into the process of helping at this time of life and beyond.