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I need to make changes, but I don’t know where to start, help!

Personal Health Advocate ServicesDr. Jeanette Gallagher is a Naturopathic Physician and Healthcare Guide. She has an expansive array of professional work over the last five decades in patient care and corporate positions. The experiences have expanded her knowledge and intuition to improve the quality of life, which she shares with you regardless of your current circumstances.

Dr. Jeanette brings an array of tools that can help you find what your body needs, help you navigate your health choices, and listen compassionately to what has not worked in the past. Life is a process of challenges that seem to hit the body and we must learn how to find what heals us to improve our quality of life.

  • Are you thinking ‘there must be a better way’ but not sure how to let go and start a new pattern of self-care?
  • Are you constantly taking up the latest trend to improve your health and feel like you are spinning your wheels?
  • Have you ‘tried everything’ and ‘nothing’ seems to work?
  • Are you seeking a change but not sure what that means or where to start?
  • Perhaps you are stuck in depression, old habits, loss, and despair, and not sure how to get yourself up and going again?
  • Is Natural Health something you are unfamiliar with?
  • Are you looking to clean up your act and start feeling better?
  • Do you wish to keep your regular Dr. and all the beliefs you have about medicine but just want to enhance your lifestyle and make better choices?

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Dr. Jeanette provides a supportive plan to guide you through whatever you are currently going through. For more information to schedule a session, click here. What you will find is someone to bounce ideas off about what you are experiencing, a compassionate healer who can support your heart and soul in the process and guidance to navigate the life challenges you are facing. Help is available to honor your past experiences and explore new opportunities going forward.

What is a ‘Healthcare Guide’? A person who compassionately listens, is vested in offering you options that perhaps you may not have seen, asking the questions that may guide you to see your blocks and your successes while allowing you to choose the path you wish to be on. A guide is there to be a help of hand and heart allowing you to see the light in the darkness. You will be making all the decisions on your path, and you will choose what you can do to improve your life at just the right time for your spirit. No rushing, no requirements, no expectations with disappointments, no yahoo from the sidelines, and no templates that you have to fit into to be perfect. Time to drop the labels. Life is about experiences and the enjoyment of every moment. Let Dr. J help you see what is in front of you.
Thank you for our time together yesterday. You were direct and insightful and helpful to me. Dr. Jeanette assisted me to feel into a physical issue that I have been having for some time. I have been to the medical doctor for assessment and nothing was found to be out of alignment yet I continued to have the symptoms. Dr. Jeanette assisted me to know what was happening in a very quick and direct manner and provided me wonderful tools to use to assist in working with this energy for my own expansion and improvement. I was able to immediately use the information that was provided. I am so very appreciative of the insight and the assistance. I can definitely say, I will consult with Dr. Jeanette again when her assistance is the best answer. Thank you Dr. Jeanette.
I spent 20 minutes on the phone with Dr. Jeanette and was absolutely amazed! She was able to give me a clear path as to what was going on within me, causing my physical pain and ailments. She gave me proper direction on how to help myself with these health concerns as well as guidance on some amazing natural remedies that should help the process. Her knowledge and guidance given in this small time frame was astounding! I learned more from those 20 minutes with her, then I have during a multitude of appointments with others. Your typical physicians don’t even touch upon the connections of the mind/body and how to help heal ourselves like Dr. J does and I so appreciate that. I will be setting more appointments with Dr J in the very near future! I am forever grateful! In gratitude,