Wellness Radio with Dr. Jeanette Testimonials

A few recent testimonials from radio guests are shared below.  The radio show is so unique that you can hear words of change, inspiration and support right through the last moments of the show.

“I felt very buoyed up after my interview with Dr. Jeanette because she put me at ease immediately in our conversation which passed all too quickly. She was extremely well prepared and her questions were insightful and probing causing me to search deeply for my answers. Her intuition captured how I had connected in a spiritual way with Susan Angeline Collins while writing my book. It would be a delight to visit with Dr. Jeanette over morning coffee. Thank you for the time you spent with me.” – Janis Bennington Van Buren, author of “Susan Angeline Collins: With a Hallelujah Heart”.
“Dr Jeanette is direct, but calming, and it was a delight to be on her podcast. She is extremely knowledgeable, and has an incredible energy that permeates within you. She is a gift, that keeps on giving, and I highly recommend her work.”-Patricia Love, Confidence Coach, Seattle WA
“Dr. Jeanette is an enlightened and deft host who contributes a wealth of knowledge, compassion, perceptive questions, fascinating observations, and her own profound experience. I thoroughly enjoyed my exchanges with Dr. Jeannette, and I feel that a higher reality and spiritual evolution were made more accessible to people. I so appreciated what our talk revealed, and I expect that listeners will love it as well. I look forward to our next engaging and rich conversation.” – Michael Goddart, author of “A New Now” and “In Search Of Lost Lives”
“Recently, I had the privilege and pleasure of being invited to speak with Dr. Jeanette on her Wellness Radio show. Although this was my first radio experience, Dr. Jeanette made our entire encounter flow easily and naturally. Before my guest appearance, Dr. Jeanette spent time with me to help me prepare my message. Not only was she knowledgeable, but she was filled with insightful information and solid direction of how to effectively share as her radio guest. Dr. Jeanette was warm and calming while providing an avenue to go into depth with a meaningful discussion. Our conversation was thought-provoking because Dr. Jeanette was able to lead me on a path of speaking about my personal journey and about the contents of my book. I enjoyed her wisdom, her gift of being present, and the gentle flow she creates. Dr. Jeanette has a gift of sharing meaning with much grace. I am forever grateful.” – Christie Somes, Author, “Meet Carey Jones: Healing and Support for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Practical Help for Parents and Educators”
“Thank you Dr. Jeanette for a “TREEmendous” and unforgettable interview! I’ve done my share of radio over the years, but I have to say, without a doubt, your interview was the most intuitive of all! Our launch pad was my new children’s book, Oakie Dokie’s Happy Roots …grow up happy! From there, you seamlessly engaged your audience in an active and lively discussion about the value of my mission: The Nature-Child Reunion and how we can bridge the gap between body/mind/spirit with sensory integration found only in nature! Our discussion about less screen time and more green time was fascinating and essential to growing whole, happy, healthy and strong children! I’m totally impressed with your expertise in guiding the conversation along the highest path leading to understanding concepts so often lost in today’s mental chatter/clutter. You are such a refreshing bright light and healing force for our time and the way you connect, balance and energize internal and external awareness with your audience is simply brilliant! You are “treely” amazing! I look forward to future conversations designed to make us think, not just “outside the box” but “outside – no box required”!” – Constance “Connie” Nelson, Author/Founder Nature-Child Reunion and Bark Buddie Trees®
“I absolutely loved being able to be a guest on the Dr. Jeanette show! I found her to be kind, authentic and ask questions that were interesting and thought provoking. The interview was more like a conversation between friends than a question and answer session and that made for a great piece.” – Michelle Moore
It was an honor to be invited as a guest with Dr. Jeanette Gallagher on her Wellness Radio show. Thank you for reading my book and helping me understand more about the spiritual things that have happened throughout my life. You made me realize more about myself during the interview, why things do happen, and the life David and I had together was a rare kind of love that was meant to be. I now feel I have closed many doors and I can move on in my life even more so then before. Thank you Dr. Jeanette Gallagher I will continue to enjoy listening to Dr. Jeanette Gallagher’s Wellness Radio show!” – Gina S. Scheff, author “Presidential Spirit”
“Thank you, Dr. Jeanette, for the opportunity to be on your show and engage with you and your loyal listeners. Your thought-provoking insights created an enlightening hour in which we shared many ideas about this realm and the next, all in a beautiful effort to offer perspective, peace, and understanding. I commend you for devoting your time and energy to help those who are struggling to find resolution, solace, and healing, while going beyond the rudimentary confines of our conventional mentality. Sharing another dimension of consciousness enhances our life journey and opens possibilities for the betterment of all. I appreciate your allowing me to share my book “On Wings of Hope:Leading Lily Home” to contribute toward that goal!” – Cynthia Lynch Bischoff, PhD, author of “On Wings of Hope: Leading Lily Home”
“I recently had the privilege of speaking with Dr Jeanette on her Wellness Radio. During this critical Covid-19 pandemic, it was exceptionally useful to talk with another healer about current societal consciousness shifts and ways to help people attune to this new way of being. Dr Jeanette is incredible sensitive and we co created a conversation that integrates spirituality, multi dimensional awareness and the importance of humanity discovering a true evolution through this global shift. I will look forward to speaking with Dr Jeanette again as we move through this intense universal shifting and become even more attuned to our global spiritual evolution of consciousness.” – Maggie Moor, Visionary, Healer, Psychotherapist and author of “I AM; Your Guide to Mind and Body Union for Total Awareness”
“It was a pleasure to be invited to engage with Dr Jeanette on her Wellness Radio show. She made the whole experience so graceful from start to finish. This was my first media appearance, so I was a little apprehensive, but Dr Jeanette’s warm, calm and caring presence quickly put me at my ease. She is clearly an expert interviewer. Not only did our conversation flow naturally but she asked some deeply insightful questions which wonderfully highlighted the spiritual concepts from my book. Dr Jeanette has great depth, knowledge and wisdom, and coupled with her beautiful relating style, made a wonderful host. The world needs more high frequency people like her! I will be following her show and her work.” – Harinder Ghatora, author “The Power of Speaking Your Truth”
“It was great working with Dr Jeanette on her radio show both for the pre-recorded show and the live show. She was very professional in preparations as well as the way in which she managed the show content. I was put at ease so the conversations flowed yet there was focus in order to cover a wide spectrum of issues. All the technology worked well and the shows sounded great. If you are considering going on the show I would recommend it without hesitation.” – Robert Lomax, author “Consciousness and the Alien Mind: A Spiritual Journey to Other Dimensions”
“I was recently honored to be a guest on Dr. Jeanette Gallagher’s radio show. The process was set up clearly and easily. I experienced Dr. Gallagher as informed, intelligent, inquisitive and encouraging – all of the ingredients that make for stimulating and encouraging dialogue. I highly recommend her show, both as a listener and as a participant. Life is too short to not learn as much as possible. Thank you, Dr. Gallagher. “ – Kimberly Best, RN, MA Best Conflict Solutions, author “How to Live Forever: A Guide to Writing the Final Chapter of Your Life Story.”
“I had an amazing conversation with Dr. Jeanette! She is the first person, whom I’ve interviewed with about my book, who has asked the deeper questions and not just stayed focused on the abuse and the fascination with the cult that I was raised in and what the rules were like, etc. I know that’s a dynamic of my story that everyone is interested in but I was so jazzed and energized by Dr. Jeanette asking the deeper questions and going deeper. To talk with someone so like minded was a real treat!” – Aideen Finnola, author “My Exquisite Purple Life”
“That was a fascinating conversation about your ideas and Cyclic Time plus the ‘Theory of Everything’ in the book “FLASH TIME!” So good to see how optimistic you are and positive about how the mind can adapt and change to deal with literally any outcome! With very best wishes and thanks again” – Jules Boles FGA, FRGS, author, “Flash Time!”
“Gracious—Professional—Insightful – From the moment Dr. Jeannette began her well prepared interview about my Book, “Away To Me, My Love:”, I felt comfortable. Quite frankly, Dr. Jeannette revealed insights about my cover and content that I had not been aware of. Insights that were illuminating and welcome. Dr. Jeanette’s ability to see-deeply, coupled with her vast knowledge of health and the sciences, is truly a blessing to our society.” –  Naomi McDonald, author “Away To Me, My Love”
“I wanted to send my deep appreciation for giving me the opportunity to be on your radio program. It was awesome. I was impressed by the way you captured the essence of my book and engaged in discussion that brought many insights. Thank you! “ – Agnes Lui, author “Into Your Child’s Heart”
Dr. Jeanette is an engaging and insightful interviewer. She covers health and wellness from every angle, truly bringing a holistic approach to her topics. She brings on guests with many different specialties within the mind-body-spirit realm. Dr. Jeanette provides valuable insight to her audience by sharing from her own experience and bringing the best out of these guests with her questions.” – Lisa Erickson, “Chakra Empowerment for Women”
“I had the great pleasure and honor of being on her amazing radio program. She is very knowledgeable and insightful in her understanding surrounding the dynamics of spirituality/religion in general. Dr. Jeanette is not afraid to ask the hard questions and she gets to the heart of the matter or issue quickly and has a natural ability to bring out the best in each of us with her wisdom and guidance.” – Luis Gonzalez, author “Walking in the Power of the Almighty Creator “
“From the start I felt connected to Dr. Jeanette. She is very organized and prompt which can in themselves seem cold, but she was friendly and interested in me and my thoughts. She brought out the best in me and cared about what I was thinking and saying. I felt we shared our individual views together. Dr. Jeanette made this first live interview rodeo seem natural.” – Jim Szana, author “Origins and Suffering”
“Speaking with Dr. Jeanette was like reminiscing with a dear friend. She was definitely prepared for the interview by asking me poignant questions about my book and the hope I had for those who read my book. It is easy for me to see why she has such a great following and successful in her calling. I will definitely stay connected through her emails and radio broadcasts. I look forward to any future conversations.” – David Waddell, author of “Worship Wars: The Kings Lead The Battle To Spirit And Truth”
“It was a real pleasure to discuss the stories behind the stories in ‘Trust: Understanding My Why’ with Dr. Jeanette. Her curiosity about human behavior and what compels us to invest in our relationships made for an insightful exchange of ideas. Understanding that our failures can lead us to a more fulfilling life is a valuable exploration for everyone.” – Deb Richard, author “Trust: Understanding My Why”
“Dr Jeanette is a fun and engaging host she: Asks and explores questions relevant to the topic. Provides opportunities for in depth conversations. Puts the guest at ease and makes it an enjoyable experience. We look forward to future engagements with you.” – Diana Baysinger & Kathleen Todd, authors of “Mindful Loving: A Guide to Loving with Passion and Purpose”.
“I loved talking with Dr. Jeanette preceding and during the interview. She has developed quite a skill in engaging the person being interviewed. She created a relaxed and safe atmosphere in which to speak. It was clear that she had read my book cover to cover and knew all the details. She seemed to understand on a deep level what the book was about, especially pertaining to the spiritual aspects. The interview was a very uplifting experience for me.” – Dr. Erica Elliot, MD, author of Medicine and Miracles in the High Desert: My Life Among the Navajo People
“I so enjoyed the lively, engaged conversation I had with Dr. Jeanette. She has the gift of asking questions that challenge, to solicit answers that help me deepen my own thinking.” – Mina Samuels, author of “Run Like A Girl 365 Days: A Practical, Personal, Inspirational Guide for Women Athletes”
“Dr. Jeanette is a tremendous host and great interviewer. She obviously took the time to read my book in advance, asked deeply insightful questions and made excellent points that highlighted her understanding of the current zeitgeist. Her caring nature and work to illuminate her listener’s spiritual path are gifts to the world.” – Jane Ramsey, author of Vision Quest, a journey to happiness
“I found Dr. Jeanette to be an interested listener, which in turn, brought about interesting questions. When an interview brings me even closer to my message, it’s an interview that brings an authentic, meaningful exchange for the listeners. This was my experience on Dr. J Wellness Radio.” – Tammy Wise, author of “The Art of Strength,” mind-body strength expert.
“Dr. Jeanette Gallagher is a fascinating, intuitive interviewer. She sees into a story with perception and reasoning. She is warm and caring of her interviewees. I truly enjoyed my half hour with her on the 18th of September. I hope she feels the same. Her interview took Henry into a venture of exploration of nature, loving, himself, and the theme of love, protection, and excitement of life discoveries. Thank you Dr. Jeanette!” – Nancy Hurley, author of “Henry’s Mysterious Voice”, a New Age Children’s Book
“Dr. Jeanette is a wonderful and gracious host who asks insightful questions. I enjoyed our conversation immensely.” – Nicholas Pearson, author of “The Seven Archetypal Stones and Crystal Basics”
“I really enjoyed my interview with Dr. Jeanette. After appearing on over 400 radio stations, it is truly refreshing to have a host who is authentic, well-prepared and insightful. I find it makes the discussion far more interesting and meaningful for the listeners. Dr. J is terrific! I would come back on her show in a heartbeat.” – John J. Murphy, global business consultant, speaker, spiritual mystic, “zentrepreneur,” and award-winning author of “Miracle Minded Manager”
“My conversation with Dr. Jeanette was so interesting and natural, as the energy just flowed freely between us. I love how welcome she makes her guests feel, and how she gets into the deep questions, rather than keeping it surface level. The conversation just sort of unfolded organically and I love that! I got off the phone feeling both inspired and nourished!” – Lisa Marie Basile, author of “Light Magic for Dark Times”
“To be interviewed by Dr. Jeanette is to delight in a unique, creative, sensitive, delightfully, quirky and indisputable wise woman. I am so grateful to have spent an hour with her. You aren’t just interviewed by Dr. Jeanette; she draws you into co-creating a tapestry designed to illumine everyday experience with the spiritual light within us all. Thank you, Dr. Jeanette, for our beautiful spirit and your important work.” – Ajayan Borys, author of “Whispers of the Himalaya and Effortless Mind”
“Being on Doctor Jeanette’s show was both a delight and a revelation. She asked excellent questions, but I expected that. More, she had startlingly acute perceptions about the characters in my book, and I think I learned as much as the listeners did! What a fascinating person – fantastic host. Thank you for a wonderful hour, Dr. Jeanette!” – John David Mann, New York Times best-selling author coauthor of “The Go-Giver” and “The Recipe”