How did we get into this mess in healthcare and what exactly IS the mess we are in?

Is healthcare defined by your last experience to your Dr. or hospital? Is it what you read about on social media where those who are unhappy scream about their experience and you take up the charge to make the words be heard even more? What exactly is healthcare? Is it a business? Is it a product? Or perhaps, we have all been wrong, it is the Dr. Welby scenario that goes round and round in our heads and every time … Read More

Dogs, elders and carbon monoxide; what is the connection?

Do you have a pet in your home? Many elders love to have cats or dogs live with them to provide a sense of love and caring in the home. Over time, the pets may not be getting the care that is essential like walking outside, going to the potty safely or eating food that is nourishing or correct for them. Veterinarians see pets all the time and rarely know the whole story of what is going on in an … Read More

What is a feisty elder?

Elders and seniors are not ready to be put out to pasture! There is some life left! I am one and I refuse to dim the lights until the bulb burns out. What does it mean to keep your heart and soul alive no matter what the condition of your physical body? I listen to all kinds of music and even when my knees are on fire and swollen, I can sit down and move about to music. Today, there … Read More

When Alzheimer’s eclipses the mind

When Alzheimer’s starts to eclipse the mind and cast a spell on the life of a loved one, it seems as if the lights are going out on a life full of zest and engagement. Any diagnosis that affects the brain is a moment when time stops, your life is now changed forever. Dr. Timothy Jennings speaks with Dr. Jeanette on how to do your best day to day and nourish the brain. Show link here. T.M. Roe Patterson talks … Read More

Dr. Jeanette shares on seniors and safety

This is a short clip of the show Dr. Jeanette had recently with Philip Regenie, founder and CEO of Zanthion, Inc.. Dr. Jeanette talks about ‘When is the right time to start to evaluate an elder/senior to prevent a crisis in the immediate future’. Do you wait until there is a diagnosis, an event that occurs and you take notice or when there is an event that others bring to your attention you may have never known about? To listen … Read More

How Do Elders Touch My Heart and How We Need to Touch Theirs

Guest blog post by: Philip Regenie, founder and CEO of Zanthion, Inc. an elder care company. Dr. Jeanette speaks with Philip on her radio show, listen here. When I see a senior, I see etched in their face 80 years of trying their best to provide for their families and make the world a better place for all of us.  In each line there is a story where they overcame great odds to deliver on their commitment to their society.  … Read More

To those in grief, sadness, isolation, pain, suffering or feeling alone;

To all who feel alone and are sad, maybe grief and pain has taken a deep hold on your heart and soul, and each moment in time is a challenge to keep going. I, Jeanette, hear your heart and soul! I, love and honor you in the place you are in! Read the words and drink in the love that all is written with. Reach out and ask for help or reach out and just ask for a connection. In … Read More

The power of clouds and the messages they hold.

I have over 20 thousand pictures of clouds on my cell phone. Each day I walk outside, immediately I point my phone to the sky to capture the unknown as a freeze frame in my memory. Many times, I have no clue what the blue sky holds until I check the pictures at a later time. Over time, I started to filter out, to judge and pre select the clouds photos that I would take. Why? Why did I start … Read More

Health Blast Radio 2019

Health Blast Radio 2019 is Wellness Radio with Dr. Jeanette for the New Year! Have you checked out my radio show on Blog Talk Radio and iTunes? I have over 500 radio shows with global companies, outstanding physicians, timely life authors and challenging health discussions. For the New Year, I always begin with three to four shows a week on topics that are heavily googled when we reflect on the past and wish to create our future. We look for … Read More

Writing Your Spiritual Journey; Guest blog post by LouAnne Ludwig

Recording Your Spiritual Journey on this Life of Love and Memories One way of telling your story when you are not quite ready for everyone to know all your details is to utilize a fable or parable such as I did. The characters in my book, A Journey Within, allowed me to tell a simplified version of my own learning process of certain spiritual techniques. I wanted to keep what was being shown, as streamlined as possible and this was … Read More

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