Seeking Beings in the Clouds

Angels Messengers are all around, look up! Have you ever looked at a cloud and said, ‘oh that looks like…’? I do this daily! I have taken over 10 thousand pictures of the sun and clouds. Not one picture looks the same and the mysteries they hold can only be seen after reflection on the pictures over time. I click several photos a day and let them sit in my phone camera.  When I have a few quiet moments in … Read More

How to ask questions of others and see the guidance you are receiving

Guidance is always available but do you know how to ask the right questions to help you ease through your life? Everyone has something to say, something to offer and something to interject when you are asking questions or feel like you need help.  What to do?  Spin around and click your red shoes; time to visit Kansas!  No really, I am serious, time to step out of the concept that everyone must know your answers, seeing the right answers … Read More

Guest post from Sindy Warren on Yoga as touching your inner spirit

Yoga as a Guide Towards Expanding Your Inner Being by Sindy Warren The practice of yoga is so much more than physical movement and exercise. In fact, the physical part of yoga is merely one-eighth of this transformative practice. Yoga is an eight-limbed path aimed at helping us move closer to our true selves, our inner beings. One of the most significant, albeit least known parts of the practice is captured by the word ‘stillness’. The journey of yoga involves … Read More

How to find your path in a life that is challenged

Where are the stones for my path? I think they rolled away! When you are having life and health challenges, what you are wanting with every breath you take is to get off that path! It can’t be your path! It can’t be your life! You are so done with it! Why does it not work? Why are these things happening to me? What have I done wrong? Fix it now I command of thee! Help! Talking it out to … Read More

Guest blog post by Ann Albers on ‘What is an Angel Reader?’

What is an Angel Reader? by Ann Albers aka Angel Ann An Angel Reader is a person who has developed the ability to quiet their mind and perceive the energies and messages of the angels and the other beings in the non-physical realms. Everyone can learn to communicate with angels. We are all born with natural psychic radar. Some retain these abilities throughout their lives – hearing, seeing, or feeling spirits from early childhood. Others reclaim their intuition later, either … Read More

What if you had the power within all along?

What if you had the power within all along to know how to love with the fullest of heart; to experience life with all the wonderment and excitement of a child; and to create a world around you that supported everyone to be their best with ease, kindness, and love, can it be? Can life be that easy? Why are we making it so hard? What about all the pain and suffering we are experiencing? Why is everyone so mad? … Read More

Are you asking what life is all about and are you hitting the wall with health and life challenges?

Are you hitting the wall and just not sure what life is all about? There are so many questions and few answers to the changes that are occurring in our body, mind and spirit these days. Are you hitting the wall and having health complications, feeling disconnected from life or just plain lost in the weeds? Perhaps you have been to so many practitioners, you have no idea what ‘The Plan’ is anymore and just wander from appointment to appointment … Read More

Guest Post from Summer Bacon on What is a Trance Medium?

What is a Trance Medium? by Summer Bacon, Trance Medium for the spirit of Dr. Peebles What is a trance medium? It is someone who, by going into deep trance, is willing and vulnerable enough to surrender to another spirit control of the body. Yes, it is a kind of possession, but rather than being possessed by something fearful, it is about allowing oneself to be possessed by the love of God. It takes deep faith and trust in God, … Read More

Guest Post from Zane Carson Carruth on The Tooth Fairy

Let’s Learn from The Tooth Fairy Tooth Fairies realized a long time ago, the value of baby teeth. Their only job is to find the pearly white tooth under a pillow and replace it with some form of currency.  This is, as they say, a Tooth Fairy’s “raison detre”. The tooth fairy tradition originated to help children overcome the trauma of losing a tooth. Experiencing the right of passage of losing your first tooth can be upsetting for children.  To … Read More

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