Full Moon got you down?

Did your lungs feel rather boggy around the last full moon? Did you know that many health conditions ebb and flow with the moon cycles? Many times conditions like, congestion, arthritis, and aches and pains can be influenced by the fluids in your body.  And what is your body but water! All things in the universe are on an ebb and flow type of transformation, be it disease or healing, planting and growing or learning and sharing. As we are … Read More

Conscious Children are Awakening Elders: Guest Post from Ariane de Bonvoisin

I have a son called Everest, who has proudly just turned 5. (And started Kindergarten he would add!) Nothing however makes him more happy, excited and I guess proud of his blossoming relationship with the elders he sees in his New York city neighborhood. It all started one day when he was walking home from his martial arts class, still in uniform, and noticed an old man with a walker, walking I might add, very slowly. Everest said “Hi”. The … Read More

Dr. Jeanette is a soul doctor and supports you in healing

Dr. Jeanette is a soul doctor who shares her experiences from the highest of wings to the deepest of deaths.  Her physical, emotional and spiritual journey engaged eons of imprints to play them out again in this lifetime for full expression and to end in grand living form back to the soul as one source. Jeanette has dance with the darkness through the light to illuminate all the corners of her being. She dove into the feelings with all senses … Read More

How Does Love Win; Guest blog post by Doug Carnine

What is love really all about? Do you find yourself wondering if there is more to life than what you’ve found?  Despite you’re searching, do you continue to find that life lacks the meaning you crave and happiness is hard to grasp?  Or maybe you have a ‘good’ life but want to make it even better. Or maybe you are entering a new phase of your life? Here’s the hard truth: at times, everyone’s life can feel empty, lonely, and … Read More

What is Spiritual Hypnosis?

What is a spiritual hypnosis session? I asked myself the same thing, like, so who is in control? Am I unconscious and going to act weird, should I abolish my religion to do a session or I am afraid that something will come up I have been trying to hide like forever, right? Who knows what is in my mind and brain, did you think that too? Spiritual hypnosis is a relaxed conscious state of mind where the subconscious mind … Read More

Seeking Beings in the Clouds

Angels Messengers are all around, look up! Have you ever looked at a cloud and said, ‘oh that looks like…’? I do this daily! I have taken over 10 thousand pictures of the sun and clouds. Not one picture looks the same and the mysteries they hold can only be seen after reflection on the pictures over time. I click several photos a day and let them sit in my phone camera.  When I have a few quiet moments in … Read More

How to ask questions of others and see the guidance you are receiving

Guidance is always available but do you know how to ask the right questions to help you ease through your life? Everyone has something to say, something to offer and something to interject when you are asking questions or feel like you need help.  What to do?  Spin around and click your red shoes; time to visit Kansas!  No really, I am serious, time to step out of the concept that everyone must know your answers, seeing the right answers … Read More

Guest post from Sindy Warren on Yoga as touching your inner spirit

Yoga as a Guide Towards Expanding Your Inner Being by Sindy Warren The practice of yoga is so much more than physical movement and exercise. In fact, the physical part of yoga is merely one-eighth of this transformative practice. Yoga is an eight-limbed path aimed at helping us move closer to our true selves, our inner beings. One of the most significant, albeit least known parts of the practice is captured by the word ‘stillness’. The journey of yoga involves … Read More

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