Dogs, elders and carbon monoxide; what is the connection?

Do you have a pet in your home? Many elders love to have cats or dogs live with them to provide a sense of love and caring in the home. Over time, the pets may not be getting the care that is essential like walking outside, going to the potty safely or eating food that is nourishing or correct for them. Veterinarians see pets all the time and rarely know the whole story of what is going on in an … Read More

What is a feisty elder?

Elders and seniors are not ready to be put out to pasture! There is some life left! I am one and I refuse to dim the lights until the bulb burns out. What does it mean to keep your heart and soul alive no matter what the condition of your physical body? I listen to all kinds of music and even when my knees are on fire and swollen, I can sit down and move about to music. Today, there … Read More

When Alzheimer’s eclipses the mind

When Alzheimer’s starts to eclipse the mind and cast a spell on the life of a loved one, it seems as if the lights are going out on a life full of zest and engagement. Any diagnosis that affects the brain is a moment when time stops, your life is now changed forever. Dr. Timothy Jennings speaks with Dr. Jeanette on how to do your best day to day and nourish the brain. Show link here. T.M. Roe Patterson talks … Read More

Dr. Jeanette shares on seniors and safety

This is a short clip of the show Dr. Jeanette had recently with Philip Regenie, founder and CEO of Zanthion, Inc.. Dr. Jeanette talks about ‘When is the right time to start to evaluate an elder/senior to prevent a crisis in the immediate future’. Do you wait until there is a diagnosis, an event that occurs and you take notice or when there is an event that others bring to your attention you may have never known about? To listen … Read More

How Do Elders Touch My Heart and How We Need to Touch Theirs

Guest blog post by: Philip Regenie, founder and CEO of Zanthion, Inc. an elder care company. Dr. Jeanette speaks with Philip on her radio show, listen here. When I see a senior, I see etched in their face 80 years of trying their best to provide for their families and make the world a better place for all of us.  In each line there is a story where they overcame great odds to deliver on their commitment to their society.  … Read More

Living Life after Age 50

Are you over the age of 50 and feeling hit with beliefs and fears that you have been holding off or denying about life? Or are you having issues with your loved ones who you are taking care of? Are your deepest darkest secrets keeping your heart at bay? Is the shame and guilt of past choices eating up your gut? Are the pains and fears of the life you have lead conflicted with the life you dream about? Are … Read More