When to ask for help after fears, beliefs, abuse, addictions, and pain start to arise

Tara Shen author of Tales of Tara The Awakening

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Tara Shen, author of Tales of Tara: The Awakening, to discuss our Soul Journey and how it turns our lives inside out.

What happens when the world changes, and all the deep dark past you experienced, comes a calling? Are you ready for the excavation of emotions, pain and suffering that have been bottled up inside? Can you go through this long journey without creating an addiction to lean on? What happens when your family and friends start to shun you with all your chaos and change? How can you go on?

There is only one way to go on and that is thru it! It can be messy, painful, life altering and at times, down right break you to the core. So, why are we seeing this playing out in the last few years, why are people’s lives just imploding?

The Awakening; it is the soul journey, expanded consciousness, and spiritual calling that is demanding we pay attention and pay attention we must. It is all hands on deck and asking for help is no small feat but a necessary task.

How does trauma show up in your mind, life and body? Is it important to address at this life point? Perhaps once the soul knocks on your heart, there is no going back.

Ask for help and if it is not the right help, ask again, try another highway, book or guru. The process of asking for help is not the fix but rather it is the process of awareness and gathering stones to make your new life path.

Be well and ask for guidance and support or just for a great conversation to explore what shows up in your thoughts!

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