Ebb & Flow

Photo of leaping squirrel taken by Dr. Jeanette Gallagher
Everything has an ebb and flow, a cycle of life, and an energy source. While tomorrow may be ‘the day’ that people anticipate for something, perhaps it has already affected us and ‘the event’ is only the peak of its perception? There will be pre and post affects of the energy the sun, moon, and earth provide.
Just as we say life is a journey rather than the climbing the ladder, so too, is everything else in this existence.
I have noted in my location, over the last four weeks, daily tumultuous winds. The lizards that are all across my fence to sun themselves have not been around for the last ten days. Earthquakes have increased, storms are intensifying, and emotions are running hot. Eating habits have changed, pains have reared their heads, and physical balance has us walking into walls.
Perhaps a loosening of the expected patterns of fears in anticipation of events may allow you to see things each day with a seekers eye.
What do you notice around you? It is only a journey. Enjoy. Remember, check out for squirrels flying (maybe pigs do fly too)!