Honoring the cycle of life & transitioning on in spirit with Daryl McCullough

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Daryl McCullough, author of The Story of Tree and Cloud, to show us the connections to our loved ones as spirit after they have passed on.

What is our human existence about, how do we experience the end of time in this body, and how do we connect with the spirits that have passed on?

End of life, transitioning to the other world, and becoming our soul energy beings again can become frightful and we do everything to stay in the comfort of our knowing human body.

Can we find the glory in a cycle of life by watching nature all around us? Nature shows us something every day with its signs if we are alert and see with unfiltered eyes. It is showing us that we are eternal and unconditional love.

Nature does not judge, it does not see you with all the stories and experiences you have been through, it does not see what you did wrong or right and it can help you heal with the oceans of tears that you grace the earth with. It can allow you to release all the burdens you have been carrying this lifetime as you cannot take them with you to the next soul journey.

We can honor our ancestors and loved ones by watching for signs in nature that guide us to a deeper connection to our heart. A ray of sun, a puddle, a tree, a bird or a moment of time is the heart whisper we are all seeking.

Stop, close your eyes, silence, listen, and hear the whispers of the breeze that drifts through your memories to connect you with loved ones still human and passed in spirit.

It is the gift of the universe and all who are in it, to have this moment.

About Jeanette Gallagher
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