Grief, loss, and death support with Aly Bird

Aly Bird author of Grief Ally: Helping

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Aly Bird, author of Grief Ally: Helping People You Love Cope with Death, Loss, and Grief, to share her personal story of loss.

Aly shares her story of an unexpected loss that changed her life forever and how she sought help but did not find what worked for her to heal. She shares what worked for her at age 30 with a loss when programs were not available to support her.

The time around loss, death, illness, loss of life’s expectations, and loss of life as it is, can be a time of great grief, deep despair, and shutting down of emotions that are over taking your mind and body.

What happens when it is sudden, planned out, or appears as the life ending event we just cannot handle?

Are you angry at God, other people, the loved one who is having the life altering event, and just do not know what to do?

How can you help yourself and others through the process of illness and imminent death? How do you support others who really need a shoulder to lay their head on?

Is grief to be hidden, shortened, and medicalized to process through? How can we engage with loss and allow the story to walk us through the human process of letting go but loving immensely?

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