Has suicide affected your family? Is this word even being mentioned?

Suicide:  the final act, the end, the action from a reaction, and on, and on.  Suicide has been increasing exponentially in the world over the last ten years.  Why?  Desperation, financial loss, inability to feel supported or heard, pain, grief, inability to feel like you fit in, medical issues, and many other reasons are given for this sudden loss of a life.  So, what happens to the family when this occurs?  Grief and guilt become something so large to bear that more lives are taken and lived as just a passage of time rather than a joyous experience.

My radio guest, Carl David, author of Bader Field: How my Family Survived Suicide, tells his experience in a family that lost a son and brother at a young age.  Carl shares how the event affected everyone for many years.  On the show, we spoke about the need to notice each other and how we are living our lives.  Changes or challenges that some may think are nothing, may put someone else over the edge.

What can you do to prevent suicide?  Stop, notice those around you; look, see where they have changed or may need support; Listen, to every word they are saying; Action, if something does not fit, get help immediately.  Carl’s book should be read for all teenagers and parent to have the discussion prior to an event.  For all to be able to openly talk about what suicide is and what the action will entail.  How a cry for attention or support may turn to a final ending of a life may be aborted with a human connection with another person.  Be that person, step up to the plate, live your life without blinders, notice others around you and speak up if needed.  Carl may also be reached here if you wish to have his book presented to your school or group.

About Jeanette Gallagher
Dr. Jeanette Gallagher is a 'medical intuitive' & ‘soul doctor’. She helps you find the miracles in life, guides you to self healing methods and offers therapeutic conversations to allow your soul to speak. Dr. Jeanette hosts a radio show "Wellness Radio with Dr. J" and is the author of "Seeking Soul Gems in Your Everyday Life" which is offered free of charge at https://drjeanettegallagher.com/