History and purpose of the indentured people by Mike Prater

The Indentured by Mike Prater

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Mike Prater, author of The Indentured, to explore our human experiences over centuries in story.

A novel about the adventure of our soul through timelines, eons, this existence, and perhaps our past lives centuries ago. What are ancestors all about and what kind of life did they have?

How did we get through the trials of the soul, embers of the heart, and shackles of the human drama; regardless of the ages, we are all on a soul journey.

In this novel of centuries ago Mike shares how the characters lived, survived, struggled, and asked questions of life. Are these the same experiences we are having today?

What is an indentured servant and how did they present in our ancestral lineage? Is this important to note or excavate in our history?

Have we been spinning in history to have a better life and learn how to take care of family as we move about the earth? When are we going to find a better way of living and how to engage with other humans from a compassionate and loving perspective? When will the strife, struggles, and pain end?

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