How to walk towards death when you have time to make peace

Amy Dix author

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Amy Dix, author of Seven More Days: Live a Life That’s Bursting with Positivity and Happiness…Before it’s too late, to share the experience of walking to death with her mother.

What is a good death? How will you use the days after a diagnosis to say your peace, make amends, feel unconditional love and close the door on this existence?

How much time is enough time? If you had 24 more hours to your life, how would you live it? If you had seven more months of life, what would you do with that time?

Can you find the good in your life and celebrate those moments? What are we waiting for to live life?

Just because you have an advance notice to live fully out your days, does not always mean that you will be physically, emotionally or mentally able to do the things you have been putting off and stashed in your bucket list.

Perhaps the living of life in every day is doing the best we can and allow our hearts to be kind and complete when the time is ticking down.

Are you prepared for a good death; what happens when death has its own agenda?

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