Immuno-Viva: A company with nutrients dense supplements that enhances your immunity and a NO FISH Omega Oil product

Today, my radio show guest was Mark Mueller, the President of Immuno-Viva which is a company that provides  nutrient dense health supplements.

I was drawn to this company for three specific reasons:

  • the process by which the nutrients were extracted from fruits and seeds
  • the integrity of the nutrients from company to home
  • Omega oils without the fish!!

The concepts of health are no longer eat a salad or drink orange juice and live a healthy life.  Our daily environment exposes us to greater risks of cell dysfunction and disease than ever before.  If you are looking to add processed foods that have claims on the box of ‘vitamins added’, then you will truly miss the boat.

Immuno-Viva uses a cold pressing process that is unique and retains all the good nutrients of the seed plants.  The process gently presses and separates the seeds into oils and flours without the use of heat or chemicals.  What is retained:  a high concentration of Omega oils and high concentration of antioxidants?

Why is this important to you, the consumer?  This is a true example of high quality nutrients, concentrated in the seeds of the plant and available to you for full absorption of those nutrients.  The starting point of the nutrients is delivered directly to you without a potential loss of availability of the good the plant has to offer.

While we all need to eat healthier, if you are trying to get a good concentration of nutrients that you know will help your current health condition, it may be very hard to eat enough of the item to get those nutrients.  An example:  blueberries are great, they are expensive, they are only in good form for a few weeks per year, and you would have to eat a lot of them to get the antioxidants they provide.

Why not try the dense oils and powders that Immuno-Viva has to offer.  You would be ordering directly from the company, the product is not mishandled or sitting around for years and you just may, granted you listen, find the product does great things for your body.  It is a product you can feel and notice in the first day or so.  I did!  My products of choice currently are Core and Ease.  The difference was immediate and the product continues to provide results. The black cumin oil is the highest concentration of Omega oils.

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