Let’s Learn from the Tooth Fairy

World's first tooth fairy ever by Zane Carson Carruth

World's first tooth fairy ever by Zane Carson Carruth Tooth Fairies realized a long time ago, the value of baby teeth. Their only job is to find the pearly white tooth under a pillow and replace it with some form of currency.  This is, as they say, a Tooth Fairy’s “raison detre”.

The tooth fairy tradition originated to help children overcome the trauma of losing a tooth. Experiencing the right of passage of losing your first tooth can be upsetting for children.  To help ease that discomfort, the tooth fairy would leave money in exchange for the tooth. (The average rate for a baby tooth is anywhere from $3.50 to $4.50.)

Did you know not all tooth fairy traditions are the same worldwide?  In Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Columbia and Peru the tooth fairy duties are carried out by a mouse!  Raton Perez or Perez Mouse as he is called. Like the tooth fairy, Perez collects the tooth under the pillow and replaces it with a gift or money.

In some Asian countries, the tradition is quite different. Instead of placing the tooth under the pillow, the kids will throw the tooth from the lower jaw onto the roof, and the upper jaw tooth will go on the floor.  Commonly, the child will yell out a wish that their missing tooth be replaced by a tooth of a mouse.  The reasoning behind this is because rodent teeth continually grow.

The tooth fairy tradition is steeped in magic and mystic.  It is very important for everyone, especially children, to engage in a bit of fantasy. Fantasy transports our imaginations to a different place and keeps the innocence alive.  Just like Santa Clause, and the Easter Bunny, the tooth fairy tradition is a huge part of children’s formative years that should be nurtured. There are numerous books on the tooth fairy you can read to your children will which will create warm memories that will last a lifetime.

Listen to Dr. Jeanette Gallagher Interview with author Zane Carson Carruth.

Zane Carson Carruth is the author of the trademarked series The World’s First Tooth Fairy…EverThe World’s First Tooth Fairy…Ever presents The Adventures of Abella and her Magic Wand and The World’s First Tooth Fairy…Eve Coloring and Activity book.  Available through Amazon.com.  Learn all about the tooth fairy tradition from these delightful books.  www.worldsfirsttoothfairy.com


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