Moving above addictions, habits and trauma to enlighten your soul with TJ Woodward

Conscious Recovery: A Fresh Perspective on Addiction by TJ Woodward

Dr. Jeanette welcomes TJ Woodward, author of Conscious Recovery: A Fresh Perspective on Addiction, to share how to step above the old paradigm of guilt, shame, and pain in addictions.

What if addictions, wrong choices, and hard experiences were the rocks that you were given to explore a path to your soul and spirit in a new way that creates a better human being? One that gives to the world and changes the universe around them? Are you ready to walk across the bridge and see this change?

There are tether lines that bind us up in life such as, habits, life requirements, pain and suffering, traumas and being stuck in an addiction pattern. Relationships, success, or lack of getting what we feel we should be getting from life may seem to be a push and shove of power, control and survival. What is control, power, choice and need that keep us stuck in the old paradigm?

Is there another way to step out of the sludge you are in and find a different way of creating a new you? Absolutely!

When you have had enough, the well runs dry, the people around you either support your current state of being or are pushing you to change, or you just want to scream; this is the most awesome time of your life! It is your soul waking up and it can’t go to sleep ever again!

Is the language we are using needing a kick to the curb and let the old paradigm take the judgements with them? We sincerely hope so!

This show is for everyone, not just those who have a mental health or medical diagnosis, or those who are painfully stuck in a bad place in life. Everyone is coming to a sense of what their life is about and how to open up to a new adventure that is there for the wonderment and joy it can bring to your life. You may personally take this new path, and then you become the teacher and share with others, so they too, can take up their own path.

This, my friends, is why we are here! Not to wallow in despair but to weave a new pattern of our life. Come join us!

How do you do this? Ask for help! Dr. Jeanette also offers session to talk and see what is going on with you to find your soul gate.

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