Nature’s funeral for the dragon fly

Natures funeral for the dragon fly
Nature’s funeral for the dragon fly 💜💜💜
Notice all the ‘faces’ around the ancestor wing
What is ‘left’ when we transition? Do we hold on to a loved ones body after the soul has gone on? Are we fearful of releasing our physical body and do everything we think we can to stay in human form?
Life is a cycle
Human bodies are vehicles of dense energy to hold the soul, spiritual energy, and vital force breath of life.
We do not own anything, we use the body to be present in this lifetime.
What a joy to experience life through a body’s eyes. However, at times, the body is in pain, suffers greatly and feels broken to the core. Then, life becomes hard
Where is the place you are in today? How can you navigate the living process?
These are all moments in time and time moves on.
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