Open the windows! open the doors!

open windows-doors

Finally !!!! the dew point is below 80%, which means we have a temporary moment in time, where we can breathe drier air and not breathe water!

As I am an air sign in astrology, I have felt like I was drowning this year with high humidity. I even used those words many times. I am not a fish nor have I ever been, regardless of the ‘fish’ peeps I have engaged with in the past ????. Life moves on.

Exchange the inside air with the outside air as often as possible.

Just a humans reside in your home, energy forms can take up residence and create a feeling of stuffiness in your space. For energy workers, it is essential to constantly ‘clear your space’ by changing the air, cleansing the material objects and live a minimal life.

Today, breath in the clearest air you can find.

Create that memory and use it often to seek peace.

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