Praying: God are you on a Sabbatical or did you forget me?

prayers to a heavenly father book

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Toni Lea Larson, author of Prayers To A Heavenly Father, to touch our souls and hearts today in this time of change. Are you ready to receive? Are you ready to seek? Are you ready to change?

When you are praying, what is the healing you are hoping for, what are the words you ask with, and what is the solace you are seeking? When we are seeking, are we commanding the need show up as we see it pictured in our mind, and express our disappointment and anger when it does not become the answer to take us out of the pain we are in?

Prayer is a tool; to connect us to Source. It is the skill of knowing how to use that tool in our everyday lives to keep us connected. It is not for us to use the tool to define, destroy, hurt, command, or defy, Source.

What if the prayer was for faith, hoe and grace to show up, might we accept what comes our way and know there is a greater good at work here?

Pray is a process to help dialogue with God to guide us through all that comes our way, light or dark.

We are cared for, loved, and protected by Source, God. Open heart, open mind and be still to hear his words.

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