School Fall 2020: How will teachers and kids change the school system

Dr Jeanette GallagherDr. Jeanette Gallagher NMD

Taking the Pulse on Today’s Energies: How will School 2020 change

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Adam Prociv, a teacher from Australia, to talk about the options and challenges when school starts 2020.

If a child was bullied in school, will they wish to return to a classroom? If a teacher was fighting hard to help students and social issues were limiting factors, will they return to school?

What if online schooling, reduced days and hours supported teachers and kids? What would school look like then?

What are we really teaching our kids and can families become more engaged in the learning process? Will ‘life learning’ now take center stage over history or old ideas?

The world is changing; we can teach our kids how to adapt, create and discover a new way of doing things which will be the new life going forward. What a journey we are all on!

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