Spiritual Healing in 21 Days with Tosin King James and Dr. J

Soul Fullness by Tosin King James

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Tosin King James, author of Soul-Fullness, A 21-Day Do-It-Yourself Program for Spiritual Healing, Prophecy, Dream Study, Inner Guidance, and Total Mastery, to share the signs of our spiritual evolution, one moment in this time.

Listen to the show:

The source of everything is the unit of spirit; the soul. How are you navigating your days and are you connecting your heart and spirit to source energy?

We are now navigating the bridge between human and soul; how are we evolving? What are the barriers to our soul expansion and how can we see our part in the collective?

Are we living from a cosmic quantum awareness, or from the old theory, validation and reproducibility paradigm of reality?

What is soulfulness? We see and hear, feed to the mind, then process the information, and finally make decisions based on what is pushed out as the truth or belief. So how can we operate from a different template to expand our awareness and be more soulful?

We are now at the point of collective awareness, and once you step into the new paradigm, you need a new perspective, a new sense of eyes, a new sense of knowing, as it is from spirit and soul that you navigate which is not from the old human paradigm.

For more information on Tosin and his work, visit: www.TosinKingJames.com

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