Support for you during the CoronaVirus outbreak

Dr Jeanette GallagherDr. Jeanette Gallagher NMD

Dear Friends:

With the onset of the CoronaVirus outbreak, we as people are potentially seeing other aspects of self that we have not paid attention to in the past.

When something presents to a local area or ‘type of people’, we tend to say; that is not me and I am not concerned.

When something affects a greater area or more people that potentially will affect our ‘way of life’ we tend to say; get them better or get it fixed now as it is an inconvenience to me.

When something seems to scatter throughout society or have a potentially global influence that may trickle back to self, it may cause greater harm to our personal being or disrupt the paradigm we are living in we tend to say; ‘whose fault it is, keep it away from me, and we must eradicate it at once from my neck of the woods’.

How many times have we seen devastation on the television and we shed a tear, perhaps donate money to a charity to assist, and wonder why after several weeks have gone by that the story is still front and center and the area is not ‘fixed’. Perhaps time goes by and we forget all about the event that touched your heart ever so lightly just recently.

Maybe you feel deeply about an event and you take it further and volunteer to be sure it ‘never happens again’. After time, change may seem futile.

Lastly, how many times have we ‘handed off’ the issues, the problems, and the solutions to others as they must do the fixing, fund the solution, control the outcomes or be the responsible one in the end. What happens when the push off is over the cliff?

What are we ‘as a whole’ being presented with now at this time, in 2020; might we be opening up our awareness that we are more alike than different, that we all have similar plights in life even if they are not presenting as the same, that we cannot fight against things in the world that we don’t like or have fear about? Is burying our head in the sand in denial the way to clear the issues we are now seeing in our lives? Can we run away? Are we still saying ‘that is them and not me, it has nothing to do with me’?

What is the message of this day in time and are we still choosing the old ways to engage with events or challenges as a society? Can we do this better? Can we change our ways? Can we let the past go and try something different?


  • We see things play out in social media; we scan our reality to see if it affects our way of life, and then we cast a judgement to believe or dismiss it.
  • There are viruses, bacteria and cancers that end a person’s life every day, but unless it affects us ‘one to one’ then we are not interested in hearing about it.
  • What is the fight that we are fighting against and are we winning the war?

There is a great divide happening right now between the self and others; there is all of you and there is the me.

What if:

  • We could see that a virus is showing us how to take better care of our human form
  • We could see that we have lots of prejudices within us that may be deep rooted and we are still acting as they are today
  • We could learn how to clean our homes better to care for our inner sanctuary
  • We could learn more about how things pass from one person to the next such as germs and viruses.
  • We could learn more about the energy of our human form and how to nourish and clean it
  • We could learn that the energy of our soul and the spirituality of our mind is not separated from the energy of the human form and the energy of others

In the case of the current CoronaVirus Outbreak, might we:

  • Learn how to clean our house and business better
  • Learn how to not turn an eye when someone is sick
  • Learn how to care for others who are not feeling well
  • Learn how to take care of self when we are sick
  • Learn how we contribute to the spread of disease and illness
  • Learn how the nature world works
  • Learn how we spread fear
  • Learn that others who do not have the same beliefs or truths as we do are perfectly in truth for them
  • Learn that there is not one position to hold in perfection and we are to seek that and stand there because everything else is a failure
  • Learn that we are all doing our best

What if everything we see is a part of us and we are all in this together to clear the energy of separation, support everyone as they are a part of you, and help to make the world a better place one moment in time.

Our minds, souls and egos are not going to get us there on the solo mission as we still are humans and engaging with others around us for the greater good.

How are we forgetting that? Are you thinking yourself superior to this human existence?
How can we change? How can we evolve? How can we transfigure one soul at a time?

The health of the earth is dependent on how we treat it, the health of the souls on the earth are interdependent as we are all one, engaging with another. This is not a solo life.

We will be navigating 2020 waves of change with increased emotions, challenging life events and shifting of all you have known.

I am offering private telephone sessions and have the schedule open for urgent times if needed. If you wish to speak to someone, just need someone to listen or need guidance in body, mind or soul topics; send me an email through any website and I will reach back to you.

We were not meant to do this alone and to feel scared with every breath.

No matter what is going on with you at this moment, there are words and support available.

Be well and talk soon.

Dr. Jeanette Gallagher

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