Using your disability to find your unique abilities, teach others with John Samuel

don't ask the blind guy by John G Samuel

Dr. Jeanette welcomes John Samuel, author of Don’t Ask the Blind Guy for Direction: A 30,000 – Mile Journey for Love, Confidence, and a Sense of Belonging, to share his life journey with failing eyesight.

How are we navigating our path in life? What are the potholes that are trying to take us out? What are our limitations to create change? What is your unique ability that your disability has lead you to uncover in life?

What are the limitations you have in life? John has limited eyesight and he shares how he has created his life from the box of possibilities his mind brought forth. So, he did not make a life with the normal story book of rules, he followed the path what unfolded in front of him and his response to the journey.

What you are really seeking is to be seen for who you are, not what you can see, perhaps, asks Dr. Jeanette.

The perception of life is that we are all given the same box and path of life, but maybe what we are now being asked is ‘show me your unique box of gifts that you have been given to navigate the world’ so I can expand my awareness of this world.

What is a disability? Perhaps a disability is the opportunity to share with others your unique abilities that life has not taken everyone down the same path of uncovering.

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