What is judgement?

What is judgement
Looking at someone or something, with your human eyes, through the veils of your own experiences and imprints of emotions.
It is allowing your own perceptions, emotions and beliefs, to create a story of the moment in time engaging with another, to become a truth that you abide by, and create as your reality.
However, many times, that belief that you use as your veil to see through, is just that, a veil, an illusion, and your own experience of judgement.
So if you feel, at times, someone’s judgement coming your way, you have several choices but here are two options:
  1. Walk away and find other people of like minded source and beliefs. This is a benefit if the awakened soul has done the work and another soul is in the midst of their own awakening process. At times, energy needs space to be able to cleanse, balance, and readjust to a new way of being a spiritually awakened human. Just as you may walk away from a painful moment that another is experiencing, it is time for you both, to explore the emotions and feelings that are arising within, to really get a grasp on this life at this time. This option is not a negative process, or judgement on either party, it is allowing each person to breathe fresh air and see how to flourish, nourish and care for the soul you are carrying.
  2. To the awakened human, you may choose to stand in your light, breathe, and let the human experience of self, drift into the background, and release all moment of time. As awakened beings, angels in human form, and those who have a service to humanity at this time, we tend to flip in and out of this position, as we too, are a human in this existence, and clearing with creating, to reflect a light without words, judgements, pain, suffering, attachments, and all the other things a human holds so dear as a requirement for human living.

So how can you see your moment in time?
Speak less.
See all as one, source energy.
Let go of the human dogma of existence
Live a life of wonderment and forgiveness.
Again, just breathe.
There is no right or wrong in a choice, but merely, choice. A right or wrong choice again, is a form of judgement, of what you should do or how it reflects of you.
Be well.
Be easy on yourself.

Again, just breathe, because if you truly work your path, you find out, there is nothing more and nothing less, than just light and breathe.
And then, you realize, choice is only for the human existence. It does not appear or negotiate in spirit form.

How awesome!!!

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